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Our doctors receive high ratings for their urgent care in Austin, Houston and Chicago. With x-ray and lab equipment on-site, we provide immediate care for a range of injuries and illnesses. Walk in or call ahead every day from 9am-9pm.

Patient Reviews
  • — Fantastic experience as usual. Caring, patient, staff who take time to explain and answer questions. — 04/05/14 — Arlington Heights, IL

  • — Thank you for something to keep the kids occupied while waiting. — 02/23/14 — Kingwood, TX

  • — I come here because its quick & the service is the best. — 03/12/14 — Naperville, IL

  • — Wonderful service, loved everything and although we waited a little it is very understandable and easy to overlook given the great care and service. — 04/02/14 — Round Rock, TX

  • — All staff was great! If needed, this place is at the top of our list. — 02/23/14 — Round Rock, TX

  • — I feel like a queen! I feel very pampered and cared for. Everyone is so nice. — 03/13/14 — Cedar Park, TX

  • — I loved the customer service. I never expected urgent care to be this nice. Thank you. — 03/31/14 — UT Area, Austin, TX

  • — A doctor who listens to their patients is a great A+. — 03/08/14 — Katy, TX

  • — This is a great place and addition to the area. I would not hesitate to come here again. Everybody was great! — 03/09/14 — Lakeview, Chicago, IL

  • — It's good to watch ESPN in the room. — 02/18/14 — Anderson Mill, FM Road 620, North Austin, TX

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