Similar to MedSpring clinics, Partners Urgent Care centers will be open every day from 9 am until 9 pm.  Beginning summer 2015, these Partners Healthcare-MedSpring clinics will open across eastern Massachusetts; the first center is scheduled to open in Brookline, Massachusetts.  For more details on the Partners Healthcare and MedSpring joint venture, browse our press release here.

All Partners Urgent Care centers will have a physician on-site every day, along with supporting medical staff like MAs, RTs, LMRTs and more.  While the day-to-day services of the Partners Urgent Care doctors may vary, the clinics will offer non-life, -limb or-vision-threatening immediate care to patients over 12 months of age.  Partners doctors should be prepared to treat any minor emergency from cuts and broken bones to sinus infections and ear infections.

A great urgent care begins with great physicians and medical staff, and Partners Urgent Care is hiring!  For employment opportunities, please contact

How do I know working for Partners Urgent Care is right for me?

  • Are you passionate about delivering great, evidence-based medical care with a smile?
  • Are you excited to join a company committed to an exceptional patient experience? 
  • You enjoy a fast-paced work environment and treating a variety of illnesses or injuries.
  • A company who supports you, and helps grow your career is important to you.
  • You're thrilled at the opportunity to join the Partners Healthcare system.