MedSpring Employer Services has experience providing occupational medicine and screening services for a range of industries. Whether you are a small business owner, or a workers comp specialist in a larger enterprise, MedSpring is here to help provide work injury care and basic pre-employment services.

Hospitality Restaurants, venues, entertainment and hotels MedSpring Has Experience Providing Workers Compensation Medicine for a Range of Industries
Retail Chain, regional and local grocery and other consumer retail
Healthcare Nursing homes, home health, community healthcare and veterinary
Government City and state municipalities
Education School districts, universities and child care facilities
Construction Commercial and residential companies, commercial service companies and contractors
Commercial Consulting, placement agencies, engineering, landscaping, and automotive
Transportation Car service, airlines, bus drivers and truck operators













MedSpring is an authorized occupational health provider for hundreds of companies across Texas, Illinois and Chicago, Our qualified teams of experts are qualified to treat a range of work-injuries with the goal of fast, appropriate patient outcomes that helps your employees to get the care they need and back to work as quickly as possible. We also provide a number of pre-employment services such as drug screens and DOT physicals, as well as TB testing and some preventative vaccines.

Contact us today to discuss how MedSpring Employer Services can work with you to save time and money in keeping your employees healthy and productive.

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