Preoperative Evaluations

Stop into MedSpring for your preoperative physical exam. We offer great rates, prompt service in a comfortable setting preparing you for your upcoming surgical procedure.

Preoperative evaluations at MedSpring 8am - 8pm every day

MedSpring Urgent Care is here to make sure you’re ready for that low-risk, surgical procedure on your calendar by offering preoperative evaluations in a comfortable setting. Our team of highly qualified healthcare providers will gather and evaluate your important health information to provide to your surgeon immediately following your visit.

What to expect during your MedSpring Preoperative Evaluation:

  • Vitals such as pulse, blood pressure, height and weight will be recorded.
  • Heart, lungs, ears, nose and abdomen will be examined.
  • On-site urinalysis, hCG testing and urine culture.
  • Digital X-ray with radiologist over-read.
  • In-house electrocardiogram (ECG) and interpretation

Why choose MedSpring Urgent Care for your Preoperative Exam?

  • Open 8am to 8pm every day including weekends and holidays.
  • Hold a same-day / next day spot in line that meets your schedule. Walk-ins also welcome.
  • Free Wi-Fi while you wait
  • Comfortable patient suites and children's activities

Patients who are preparing for an upcoming surgical procedure will appreciate the convenience and accessibility MedSpring offers with multiple locations close to home and work. Our clean, modern facilities include digital X-ray and in-house lab services. Most visits last less than an hour so you can get back to what matters!

Preoperative Evaluations

MedSpring Urgent Care offers preoperative evaluations and testing services for low-risk surgical patients. Our qualified providers and clinical teams provide a cost-effective option to gather and evaluate your important health information in advance of planned procedures. All patient notes, in-house lab work, and screenings are sent immediately to your surgeon at the end of the visit. All MedSpring centers offer on-site digital X-ray, in-house labs, and ECG. Final preoperative risk assessments are sent to your surgeon the same day, with most lab results provided the next day.

Service Description In-House Labs External Labs
Exam Provider interview including a review of systems, vitals, and physical examination.


Blood Draw

Blood work to measure complete blood count (CBC), complete and basic metabolic panel (CMP/BMP), coagulation study; (PT/PPT/INR) serum pregnancy and other tests as requested.


Urine Collection

On-site urinalysis and urine hCG testing. Urine culture.


Chest X-ray Digital X-ray with radiologist over-read.


ECG In-house electrocardiogram and interpretation.


For patient preparing for an upcoming procedure, MedSpring is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., including weekends. Centers are located close to work or home, providing added convenience with same day or next day online reservations available.

Please Note: Patients identified as having potential risks that could complicate surgical outcomes are referred to specialists for further evaluation prior to surgery.

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