Pre-employment Physicals

MedSpring Urgent Care partners with potential employees and employers to provide pre-employment physicals at several of our clinics. 

If your company requires a pre-placement physical to ensure you’re fit to perform the job, come on by MedSpring and our friendly providers will get your physical done promptly so you can get back to what matters.


About pre-employment physicals

The purpose of a pre-placement physical is to ensure prospective employees can perform jobs safely without placing anyone at risk.  You wouldn’t want to show up for a job for which you’re ill equipped, and an employer wouldn’t want to hire someone who cannot handle the physical demands of the job.  An employer can only require a pre-placement physical if the job requires a certain level of physical health.


What to expect during your pre-employment physical

The physical may involve any of the following elements:

  • A medical history questionnaire
  • Taking your vitals – pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, etc.
  • Assessment of height and weight
  • A urinalysis
  • A vision test
  • An almost head-to-toe physical assessment 


Why visit MedSpring Urgent Care for your pre-employment physical?

  • We’re open every day 8am to 8pm, and select locations are open extended hours during the week
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi while you wait
  • We have comfortable patient suites and children's activities

If you need a pre-employment physical in Austin, Dallas, or Houston, Texas; or Chicago, Illinois, come visit MedSpring.