MedSpring Barton Springs - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Both nurse and doc were great    
9/11/2017Great and fast service!    
9/11/2017Kind and friendly people and a relaxing atmosphere!    
9/11/2017Pharmacy nearby would be neat    
9/11/2017Quick and easy trip    
9/11/2017Staff did a nice job, took too long though. Thanks    
9/10/2017Very nice, clean facility, wonderful experience.    
9/10/2017Felt very at ease    
9/10/2017Good experience. Friendly staff    
9/10/2017Great experience    
9/10/2017* was super sweet and took care of me quickly and with utmost professionalism.    
9/9/2017Amazing doctors, fast service    
9/9/2017Everyone here was very friendly and seemed to actually care about the patients well being    
9/9/2017From the moment e got here everyone was super helpful we are from out of town and they even helped us find a 24 hour pharmacy. PA was competent and listened to our concerns. Wayne was thorough in history taking and professional highly recommend.    
9/9/2017Great. Knowledgeable staff no helpful    
9/9/2017Symptoms menu    
9/9/2017Wonderful, warm, professional staff...great experience!    
9/8/2017Bar b que at the snacks    
9/8/2017Dr is the best    
9/8/2017Great staff    
9/8/2017I appreciated everyones courtesy!    
9/8/2017Nice amenities    
9/8/2017The staff and doctor were professional.    
9/8/2017Very clean and comfortable, nicest folks around.    
9/8/2017Very kind and friendly staff, They give off a sense of comfort.    
9/8/2017Wonderful staff even though it was so early in the morning    
9/7/2017Empathic staff!    
9/7/2017Very friendly and professional. Explained everything great. Highly recommend.    
9/6/2017Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The coffee/drinks and snacks make it more comforting    
9/6/2017Great staff    
9/6/2017Thank you    
9/5/2017Great care, above and beyond service.    
9/5/2017Had everything I needed. Very quick and efficient.    
9/5/2017Love this place    
9/5/2017Nurse and doctor were very kind and helpful    
9/5/2017Very friendly and professional!    
9/4/2017Great neighborhood clinic    
9/4/2017Very friendly staff    
9/4/2017Very kind and personable staff.    
9/3/2017Great experience from start to finish.    
9/3/2017Great staff    
9/3/2017Loved the snacks and drinks, plus the cool movies made my visit nice and easy going. Would definitely recommend.    
9/3/2017Super friendly staff    
9/3/2017The staff was wonderful! Id definitely come back here if I needed urgent care.    
9/2/2017Great job!    
9/2/2017Great service    
9/2/2017The staff was amazing and compassionate with my daughter!    
9/2/2017Wonderful people, from the front desk, to the doctors who helped. Truly grateful    
9/2/2017Everyone is so nice    
9/1/2017Great all around    
9/1/2017I just love the little things of coffee up front. And the Tech was excellent.    
9/1/2017Thank you!    
9/1/2017This was one of the best medical experiences I have ever had. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and provided excellent care. I felt like my concerns were heard and the practitioners cared deeply about my well being. Thank you! ???    
9/1/2017Very kid friendly thank you    
8/31/2017Awesome work    
8/31/2017Thank you    
8/31/2017* and * were awesome!    
8/31/2017Very thorough, helpful, and informative!    
8/30/2017Thank you all at the South Lamar and Barton Springs location    
8/30/2017The doctor was very thorough    
8/30/2017Awful place    
8/30/2017Everyone was very nice!    
8/29/2017Dr was phenomenal    
8/29/2017Everyone here was so nice and welcoming. Thank yall    
8/29/2017Great experience all around with great staff    
8/29/2017* was a great tech    
8/29/2017* was great. Thanks for the congratulations and good luck with your career    
8/29/2017Thank you team for the help.    
8/29/2017Too expensive and not in my insurance network.    
8/28/2017Everyone was lovely! A bit of a wait but not surprising since we had Harvey.    
8/28/2017I love MedSpring! Ive tried going to other quick docs but theyre never as good. Here I get quick, friendly, competent service.    
8/28/2017Smooth fast n friendly    
8/28/2017Terrific people    
8/28/2017The best service I have seen. Nothing but excellence. Sincere thanks!!    
8/27/2017All was great    
8/27/2017Brian %26 Tiffany are very informative    
8/27/2017Great experience just took a while    
8/27/2017It was great and helpful!    
8/27/2017Staff helpful and nice.    
8/27/2017* and * were awesome    
8/26/2017Staff were great    
8/26/2017Fix your roof, please. Everything else was good.    
8/25/2017* was proficient, kind, and thorough.    
8/24/2017Staff was great    
8/24/2017The wait    
8/24/2017* and * were awesome. Very very quick service    
8/23/2017Fast and efficient    
8/23/2017It was a tad cold    
8/23/2017Staff was very courteous and welcoming.    
8/23/2017Awesome staff!!!    
8/22/2017Everyone was very nice and helpful    
8/22/2017Friendly staff, good job guys