MedSpring Houston Heights - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Awesome experience!    
9/11/2017Excellent service.    
9/11/2017Friendly staff!    
9/11/2017Thank you    
9/11/2017The best place ever!    
9/11/2017They were fast and sweet.    
9/10/2017Everyone is friendly    
9/10/2017Everyone was AMAZING    
9/10/2017I had a wonderful experience and will definitely return and recommend in the future!    
9/9/2017Outstanding as always    
9/9/2017Professional and friendly staff    
9/9/2017The staff is very nice and gives you a great sense of comfort.    
9/9/2017Very positive experience with nice, professional people!    
9/9/2017We were very satisfied    
9/8/2017Everyone was pleasant. Great group here. Thanks.    
9/8/2017Great job by all the staff!    
9/8/2017Great staff!    
9/8/2017Thank you for everything    
9/8/2017Very fast and friendly    
9/8/2017Very friendly and caring.    
9/8/2017Very kind and super nice staff. I will definitely recommend this place!    
9/8/2017You guys are awesome!    
9/7/2017Everyone was very friendly and courteous.    
9/7/2017It was great.    
9/7/2017The staff is always friendly and helpful. But the person who made the appt was very rude! But the office is always pleasant.    
9/6/2017Everyone so nice. I would come here again if needed.    
9/6/2017Great staff!!!    
9/6/2017I always feel taken care of when I come to this office. Between snack in the lobby, quick wait time and quality of care, I wont go anywhere else.    
9/6/2017Very friendly and competent staff    
9/5/2017Everything was great.    
9/5/2017Gave the shots perfectly!! Didnt even hurt!    
9/5/2017Happy to see things to keep the kids entertained while we waited    
9/5/2017I was very satisfied with staff and the service    
9/5/2017Very efficient service    
9/5/2017Very good    
9/4/2017Everyone is very friendly and professional and caring.    
9/4/2017Everyone was so friendly! Thank you!    
9/4/2017Wonderful clinic . Very patient and careful physician. No waiting. Highly recommend    
9/3/2017Convenient and quick    
9/3/2017Everything was great. I was seen quick, and it was pleasant experience    
9/3/2017Everything was great. Thanks!    
9/3/2017Perfect service    
9/2/2017Great staff and facility!    
9/2/2017In and out quickly. Friendly service    
9/2/2017Very friendly, clean and quick. Dr was attentive and assistant Amber was really thorough    
9/2/2017Wonderful service and staff    
9/1/2017Friendly staff    
9/1/2017Great place    
9/1/2017Great service and knowledgeable    
9/1/2017I appreciate the care and concern shown in your facility    
9/1/2017I wish our regular doctor office was like this experience! CLEAN, quick and easy!    
9/1/2017Nice e clean place    
8/31/2017Great service, caring patient staff!    
8/31/2017Love the people here    
8/31/2017The front desk was super welcoming and nice.    
8/30/2017Nice people, good care.    
8/30/2017Very friendly staff    
8/25/2017Great and quick,    
8/24/2017Staff is very caring and friendly!    
8/24/2017Very friendly staff and I was seen really quickly! Thanks!    
8/24/2017Wonderful nurse and NP.    
8/24/2017Fast and efficient service thank you    
8/24/2017Impressive staff!    
8/23/2017Great staff, everyone was kind and smiling    
8/23/2017Customer service is always excellent! Patient! Keep up the awesome job.    
8/22/2017Awesome all around!    
8/22/2017* was amazing. Would see him again    
8/22/2017Edward was extremely thorough and polite.    
8/22/2017Staff were amazing    
8/22/2017Great place!    
8/22/2017Great staff!    
8/22/2017It was awesome    
8/22/2017Really appreciated PA talking me thru diagnosis.    
8/21/2017I like snacks    
8/21/2017Originally when I called the helpline, the lady said they would not treat me    
8/21/2017Physicians were nice    
8/21/2017Very nice staff    
8/20/2017Amazing environment.    
8/20/2017I was treated very well. Made me feel cared for rather than just a number on the patient list...    
8/20/2017The doctor was going to give me stitches on a two day old cut. I had to tell him it was not a new cut.    
8/20/2017Very friendly and knowledgeable staff members.    
8/19/2017Very informative on possible diagnosis given and what to do.    
8/19/2017Very polite and friendly    
8/19/2017Attentive service.    
8/19/2017Everyone was very kind and courteous    
8/19/2017Great experience    
8/18/2017Bottled water    
8/18/2017Everyone was very nice and accommodating. Thorough exam and in and out quickly.