MedSpring Houston Heights - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/18/2017It was great    
8/18/2017Staff very friendly    
8/17/2017Everythings been great    
8/17/2017Great service    
8/17/2017Great staff,    
8/17/2017Incredibly friendly    
8/17/2017It was an amazing experience. Love the environment. Fast and friendly.???????????    
8/17/2017The experience was amazing from the staff to the wait time. I will definitely recommend this center.    
8/17/2017Wonderful bedside manner of nurse practitioner    
8/17/2017You all are amazing Thank you all    
8/16/2017Great facility and staff!    
8/16/2017Very friendly staff    
8/15/2017The staff was awesome and very fast. I also love the fact that the company goes above and beyond to accommodate clients, coffee, sodas, water, tv., etc.    
8/15/2017Very nice people here thank you very much    
8/15/2017Awesome staff fast and friendly    
8/15/2017Everyone very friendly    
8/15/2017Everyone was very friendly, thank you    
8/15/2017Great experience    
8/15/2017Great job working in a rush of patients first thing. Excellent advice from staff.    
8/14/2017Everyone was so professionally interested in assisting me. Thanks !    
8/14/2017The doctor and nursing staff were very good    
8/14/2017The staff was very friendly and the wait was not long at all. The office is also very beautiful.    
8/13/2017Very attentive staff, in and out quickly    
8/13/2017Everyone was great    
8/13/2017Great staff    
8/12/2017First time I was given something for my sore throat that worked!    
8/12/2017Five stars    
8/12/2017Great staff ty    
8/12/2017Keep it up    
8/12/2017Staff was very awesome and helpful    
8/12/2017The people here are lovely and very helpful    
8/12/2017The staff is really nice and friendly.    
8/12/2017Very clean and great bedside manner    
8/11/2017Clean friendly    
8/10/2017Quick %26 very friendly service. Always clean and very helpful staff    
8/10/2017Thanks! The quality of care and facilities were excellent.    
8/10/2017The staff and doctor were very professional and caring.    
8/9/2017Fantastic facility    
8/9/2017Nice and quick    
8/9/2017Super quick    
8/9/2017Very nice staff and doctor?    
8/8/2017Very professional service    
8/8/2017Great service and nice people.    
8/8/2017Great service fast response    
8/8/2017The staff was Great!    
8/8/2017This place is awesome    
8/6/2017Everyone was very nice. Faster than expected.    
8/5/2017Didnt have to wait on an appointment. Thats awesome.....    
8/5/2017Everyone was very attentive and friendly. I appreciated their concern.    
8/5/2017I will remember my doctor when Im famous    
8/5/2017The doctor and nurse were both fabulous!    
8/5/2017This is the 3rd time Ive been here and every time has been great.    
8/4/2017Great experience, friendly and speedy    
8/4/2017Nothing were great    
8/4/2017This is the best urgent care ever.    
8/3/2017Friendly staff!    
8/3/2017Great service    
8/2/2017Fast and courteous service. Very clean and comfortable facility.    
8/2/2017Friendly employees and clean establishment. Doctors are great Fast service    
8/2/2017Great place with professional staff.    
8/2/2017Nice amenities    
8/2/2017The staff were all very helpful and friendly    
8/1/2017Friendly staff    
8/1/2017Great experience!