MedSpring Knox-Henderson - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Amazing service    
9/8/2017Very polite staff and I was in and out    
9/7/2017Always satisfied!    
9/7/2017Very nice and professional    
9/6/2017Very personal and timely. I appreciated Debra and Tony helping with my insect bites    
9/5/2017Always a great experience with the staff and doctors.    
9/5/2017Great people    
9/5/2017Overall love this office and care I get here. Better than my primary care physician.    
9/4/2017Everyone was very kind and helpful.    
9/4/2017Fast and efficient. Unlike most other urgent care    
9/4/2017They as always were the best    
9/3/2017Very friendly service!! Maryam had me in and out    
8/31/2017Doc %26 office staff very friendly telling everyone at work.    
8/31/2017* and Provider were great.    
8/31/2017Very pleased    
8/30/2017Very clean with polite staff    
8/29/2017Excellent service!!    
8/29/2017Very efficient and professional.    
8/29/2017Very informative and humble practitioner.    
8/28/2017Great service    
8/28/2017Very friendly and professional team. I was early for my appointment and the staff took me early with minimal waiting. Dr * was very patient and answered all of my questions. Great experience!    
8/28/2017Very kind staff    
8/28/2017Very quick.    
8/26/2017Great experience. Fast and friendly and very professional.    
8/26/2017Staff was very pleasant and professional. So glad I came here .    
8/25/2017Great job    
8/25/2017The nurse practitioner was amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable.    
8/24/2017Great staff!    
8/23/2017Love this place!    
8/23/2017My boyfriend was seen here and he is terrified of doctors. He recommended that I come.    
8/23/2017Very nice personnel    
8/23/2017Awesome staff    
8/23/2017Enjoyed my visit!    
8/20/2017Extremely convenient, fast and simple    
8/20/2017Great, friendly service    
8/19/2017Very nice location with extremely friendly staff. I felt like I was with a very decent group of people. They take blue cross blue shield and are extremely friendly.    
8/19/2017Weve been here several times. Each time the staff is courteous, professional, and willing to answer questions. Provide great medical care, most importantly.    
8/19/2017Wonderful as always.    
8/19/2017Great customer service    
8/19/2017Great experience. Fast too    
8/18/2017Any time I come to MedSpring I receive great care from the amazing and friendly staff. Thank you!    
8/18/2017Doctor was very understanding.    
8/17/2017I am indebted to this clinic. Their doctors are humble, kind, and generous with their time!    
8/17/2017Very friendly staff. ?    
8/17/2017Very prompt. Much appreciated    
8/16/2017Got checked in at 3 and done by 325.    
8/16/2017I just paid $150 for A visit less than 30 days ago and had to return with the same symptoms and had to pay $150 again which is very frustrating. I wish I would not have had to pay again to be treated for the same issues.    
8/16/2017It was an overall good experience    
8/16/2017The customer service at front desk could was rude. Everyone else was professional and courteous    
8/16/2017Very friendly nurse and doctor!    
8/15/2017Provider was not able to treat or make a good referral. She was nice and knowledgeable but bottom line is $158 for a prescription and counsel with insurance. Treatment room was too warm.    
8/15/2017Website crapped out; notable to complete process from office. Frustrating!    
8/14/2017Very friendly    
8/13/2017Please smile at patients    
8/13/2017Every time you take great care, thank you    
8/12/2017Fast and nice    
8/12/2017Great fast service and help    
8/12/2017Was fast %26 nice! Great job!    
8/11/2017Fast and pleasant. Couldnt ask for more! Thanks.    
8/11/2017Great place to come    
8/11/2017Very easy to set appt. prompt appt time    
8/9/2017* is an amazing NP. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. Wish she could be my GP!    
8/9/2017Friendly staff    
8/9/2017Good visit really like doctor. Front desk lady was cleaning out her purse when I arrived which wasnt incredibly professional.    
8/9/2017I had a great experience at MedSpring urgent care. Thank you!    
8/9/2017Love the doctor,    
8/9/2017Pleasant experience, other than the injury Im here for!    
8/9/2017The staff was amazing and so nice.    
8/9/2017Very pleasant experience    
8/8/2017Very nice, quick and helpful!    
8/8/2017Staff rushed and not caring    
8/7/2017Staff and provider were very helpful and willing to assist me. Excellent experience even with the shot (I just hate shots)    
8/6/2017Staff was very nice and quick. I really appreciate how friendly and easy .    
8/5/2017Staff were great!!!    
8/5/2017Dr. * was great.    
8/5/2017Very friendly    
8/4/2017Great facility with competent employees.    
8/4/2017Very nice and super quick    
8/3/2017Appreciate the doctors honest medical advice to consider natural and homeopathic options like Epsom salt bath and lavender and massage. Need more doctors like me this.    
8/3/2017I feel safe here    
8/3/2017I love this place. Smart kind and quick. Couldnt ask for better staff or experience.    
8/1/2017Always come here. Great place!    
8/1/2017Great service    
8/1/2017Great service nice people    
7/31/2017Great team!    
7/29/2017Amazing staff!!!    
7/28/2017Great staff! Beautiful and clean!    
7/28/2017I would definitely come back, but hopefully I dont have too    
7/27/2017It was a great experience considering the circumstances    
7/27/2017Everyone was great