MedSpring Oak Lawn - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Fast and great customer service!    
9/11/2017Great staff. Very helpful. In and out.    
9/11/2017Love MedSpring. Fast, efficient, and friendly staff!    
9/11/2017Love MedSpring! The staff are always so nice and helpful    
9/10/2017Your staff is very friendly and helpful.    
9/10/2017Everyone was amazing!    
9/10/2017Im away from home and had to find a place to get care. I felt so comfortable here and would definitely recommend it to others!    
9/10/2017Prompt and courteous, very attentive, great with kids! Thank you!!    
9/10/2017Staff was very friendly and professional. The NP and assistant were great.    
9/10/2017The PA was very nice    
9/9/2017Great people. Friendly, helpful. Philip, Kristine, and Nefertiti were great. Very friendly and professional. Great personalities.    
9/9/2017This place is the best in Dallas. Everyone is very professional and friendly. Awesome    
9/9/2017Yall did great    
9/8/2017A friendly staff and quick service will keep me returning!    
9/8/2017Very fast and friendly    
9/6/2017Thanks for being so quick    
9/3/2017Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable.    
9/3/2017* and * were excellent. Level of care and consideration provided by them were great.    
9/3/2017This has been most professional and kindest clinic and staff of any clinic I have ever been to.    
9/2/2017Great staff    
9/2/2017Great that you take Medicare    
9/2/2017Fast and friendly!    
9/1/2017All the staff was kind, courteous, and very helpful. This was the best visit yet    
9/1/2017Upscale clinic and phenomenal service.    
9/1/2017Wonderful staff    
8/29/2017Everyone was nice and treated me with respect    
8/29/2017The doctor is very cute ;)    
8/28/2017Everyone was really nice to me.    
8/27/2017Very informative and good bedside manner    
8/26/2017All of the staff is very friendly    
8/26/2017Very friendly staff and very convenient    
8/24/2017Love this place. Great providers!    
8/22/2017Everyone here works above and beyond their calling!    
8/22/2017I love it they are so quick?    
8/22/2017Nurse did not seem well informed. Didnt know which meds the doc was prescribing me. Forgot to take temperature ? had to remind    
8/21/2017Great team    
8/21/2017No things went well    
8/20/2017Staff at the oak lawn location are an excellent team    
8/20/2017Very nice and quick!    
8/18/2017Staff is very helpful    
8/17/2017*, my provider, was amazing. She patiently answered all my questions and really made me feel at ease.    
8/17/2017One of the better urgent cares I have been to.    
8/17/2017Staff is wonderful , great experience    
8/17/2017This was the easiest and most helpful visit to the doctor Ive ever had. These ladies were fantastic!    
8/17/2017Wonderful staff all around! Thank you!    
8/16/2017It was fast and easy.    
8/13/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful    
8/12/2017Thank you    
8/12/2017Wonderful staff    
8/10/2017Everyone was great, would certainly recommend.    
8/9/2017Being from out of town, I felt welcome and comfortable here. Thank you!    
8/8/2017Everyone was very helpful    
8/8/2017Great and very informative. Love Carlos explained all Meds.    
8/8/2017Nice staff ,kept appointment time and listened well.    
8/7/2017Super knowledgeable and nice very quick to be seen    
8/7/2017All of the staff are FANTASTIC!! So very helpful and caring.    
8/6/2017Everyone was kind and completely explained everything they were treating me for    
8/6/2017Great job!    
8/6/2017Very clean and professional    
8/6/2017Very good! Thank you    
8/6/2017Very nice!!    
8/5/2017The staff was friendly, fast and efficient with treatment. I would definitely return plus they have delicious snacks    
8/3/2017This office was the best! Everyone was wonderful. Would recommend this as one of the best places!!    
8/3/2017Very nice ladies    
8/3/2017MedSpring is the best    
8/2/2017Caring and knowledgeable staff.    
8/2/2017Friendly staff and fast service    
8/2/2017Thanks so much    
8/2/2017The visits have always been quick and enjoyable!    
7/30/2017The staff was very helpful and nice    
7/29/2017Both PA and nurse were friendly and took time to answer my questions.    
7/29/2017Everyone was very caring and nice!    
7/29/2017Everything was great.    
7/29/2017Great facility/service    
7/29/2017Incredible experience    
7/29/2017Service was fast and great.    
7/28/2017Great staff, always !    
7/28/2017No it was a great experience. The NP listen to me and was really concern about my symptoms.    
7/28/2017Super friendly staff.    
7/26/2017Friendly staff !    
7/26/2017Great personnel, very comfortable and informative.    
7/26/2017The staff is very caring %26 sweet    
7/23/2017Thanks for everything!    
7/23/2017Thanks for the great service    
7/23/2017Very friendly and helpful    
7/22/2017Doctor is great. Helped me quick and efficiently. Thanks    
7/22/2017Incredible staff. I recommend this place to everyone.    
7/21/2017Friendly and welcoming. Great visit.    
7/21/2017Professional friendly knowledgeable staff    
7/21/2017Thanks for me    
7/21/2017Thanks for the care!    
7/21/2017Very nice doctor    
7/20/2017Assumed would have ultrasound available on sight.    
7/20/2017Great experience, thank you    
7/20/2017Quick and fast    
7/20/2017Staff was great and professional    
7/19/2017It was fantastic . All answers were provided