MedSpring Uptown Dallas - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Great experiences. I was in and out!    
9/11/2017Wonderful staff    
9/10/2017Very friendly and fast.    
9/10/2017I cant say enough. Totally good and fast experience. Everyone was courteous including the physician. I wish my regular provider ran their operation like this.    
9/10/2017The staff was very nice, helpful, and professional.    
9/9/2017Awesome team! Thanks for the quick attention and great service! Good Job!    
9/9/2017Great staff and PA    
9/9/2017Having to fill out that stupid questionnaire every time I come in is annoying.    
9/9/2017Really impressed with the facility and the staff! My visit was efficient and solved my medical issue. Thanks!    
9/9/2017So easy and so friendly    
9/8/2017Always fast service    
9/8/2017Pleasant experience    
9/8/2017Today even though nurse was not feeling well she was nicer and more pleasant than lady on Tues.    
9/7/2017Doctor was able to get my ear mold out of my ear in a quick and timely manner    
9/7/2017Excellent staff    
9/7/2017Very sweet and fast    
9/6/2017Very clean . Nice staff    
9/5/2017I came to med spring because I had been to one previously. I was disappointed in my reception. Thanks    
9/4/2017Amazing staff! Comfortable waiting area and exam rooms. Affordable and efficient.    
9/4/2017Everyone at this clinic was extremely professional and caring! Thank you!    
9/4/2017Great service    
9/4/2017It was a very good experience    
9/3/2017Got us in and out very quickly. Everyone was very nice and friendly.    
9/3/2017Super fast and nice staff    
9/3/2017The staff is top notch! We really appreciate your time. Thanks a million!    
9/3/2017Very pleased at speed and ease of service    
9/3/2017Very quick and easy very helpful    
9/2/2017Just an all around great experience. I felt very at ease and comfortable with the doctors.    
9/2/2017Check in was slow. PA and nurse were awesome.    
9/1/2017Great service    
9/1/2017I really like that there USA tv in every room!!!??????    
9/1/2017The call center was not helpful with making an appointment or checking my insurance but this particular location was amazing.    
8/31/2017Thanks for your patience g    
8/30/2017Quick and fast plus great snacks ???    
8/30/2017Super fast and easy visit. The nurse was amazing!    
8/30/2017The cups for urine should be in a separate area from the full urine cups.    
8/30/2017They are very helpful    
8/28/2017Everyone here is extremely nice!    
8/28/2017Everyone was very helpful.    
8/28/2017Great doctors and assistants. Everyone was super nice and helpful!!! Thanks for helping me so much    
8/27/2017Excellent service    
8/27/2017It was quick and great service!    
8/27/2017Very clean. Staff is great!    
8/27/2017Wonderful service.    
8/26/2017Ill let u know if I somehow get another bill    
8/26/2017The room was really cold    
8/26/2017This was great! Everyone was super friendly!    
8/26/2017Very nice people.    
8/25/2017Thank you for your attention. This is the only urgent care that I go to when Im sick.    
8/25/2017Front desk was warm and welcoming followed by nurse Rocio she was nice and really helpful. Doctor Kimberly was phenomenal and caring. Second time here and I love it. Thank you medical staff.    
8/24/2017PA was excellent, better quality advice than my family physician!    
8/24/2017Rocio and the staff was extremely nice and really informative with her professional job. I will definitely come back.    
8/23/2017Loved these ladies! Normally I hate going to the doctor but this time I actually had fun and I never thought Id say that. Great experience! All 10s and smiles!!    
8/23/2017Speed up service time to get patient in and out    
8/23/2017Super helpful and fast.    
8/23/2017* is great and represented your company very well. He made me very comfortable with his friendly personality    
8/23/2017Everything and everyone was nice and helpful and very professional    
8/22/2017The only trouble I experienced was parking. If there was a sign that said Parking in back of building it would have been perfect    
8/22/2017Wonderful staff    
8/21/2017Coming to an urgent care I didnt except this level of service, I was beyond amazed on how fast I was seen. The staff is amazingly friendly and they genuinely care.    
8/21/2017Everyone was super friendly and attentive    
8/21/2017No wait and good people    
8/21/2017Speedy service for a walk in    
8/21/2017Very efficient. Great service    
8/19/2017Very good bed side manner!    
8/19/2017Great service    
8/18/2017Everyone was nice and friendly and the process was super efficient    
8/18/2017Provider was exceptional. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure and was the reason why I had an overall positive experience.    
8/18/2017There really nice    
8/17/2017Fast and easy!    
8/17/2017The excellent staff stayed late to help me and were super nice and professional at a time of stress. I couldnt be happier. Thanks!    
8/17/2017Very nice and helpful visit    
8/16/2017Everyone was super helpful and kind.    
8/16/2017Excellent care and process    
8/16/2017Excellent experience with very professional staff from start to finish. Thanks for helping this outoftowner!    
8/16/2017It is a great place. Nice and clean    
8/16/2017It was all great!    
8/16/2017Quick and extremely nice!    
8/16/2017Very attentive staff. Good job.    
8/15/2017Everyone was wonderful and personable. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness!    
8/14/2017Everyone was very kind and thoughtful.    
8/13/2017No all was very good    
8/13/2017 It was great!    
8/13/2017They are thorough and courteous.    
8/13/2017* gives the best shots ever! Keep him!    
8/13/2017Everyone was so nice and pleasant!    
8/13/2017Fabulous staff    
8/13/2017Great and quick,    
8/12/2017Nice people    
8/12/2017So helpful, quick and painless    
8/12/2017Thank you for the speed and friendliness    
8/11/2017Competent team! Will come back    
8/11/2017Good experience    
8/11/2017Great experience and very quick!    
8/11/2017Knowledgeable staff. Comfortable atmosphere.