MedSpring Roscoe Village-West Lakeview - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Always great service!    
9/11/2017Dr was thorough, clear and kind.    
9/11/2017Like the tvs it made the wait tolerable    
9/11/2017Took me right away    
9/11/2017Wonderful staff. Took time to explain things thoroughly    
9/10/2017Very quick, friendly service!    
9/10/2017Every person that we worked with was spectacular :)    
9/10/2017Great team here! Thank you!    
9/10/2017Loved that I could watch football    
9/9/2017Dr was so helpful    
9/9/2017Prioritize patients with appointments over walk ins    
9/9/2017Thank you for helping calm my anxiety!    
9/9/2017Very efficient service from competent, friendly, %26 patient centric staff.    
9/8/2017Everyone was friendly, helpful, and attentive    
9/8/2017Staff was extremely friendly.    
9/8/2017Super quick, nice staff, will return if need services again.    
9/7/2017Very friendly staff    
9/6/2017Staff were so outstanding. They were fast, thoughtful, and so informative. A very caring team; Ill refer everyone here. So thankful for this team.    
9/5/2017Another great visit!    
9/5/2017Awesome from start to finish. Thanks for ,asking this experience pain free (minus the knee). Thanks again!!!    
9/5/2017Easy in easy out. Staff great    
9/5/2017Made me feel instantly more calm about my sore throat    
9/5/2017* and * were terrific    
9/4/2017Amazing facility and staff. Have never had a better doctor office experience.    
9/4/2017Dr treated me with compassion, intellect, and a touch of humor. Definitely will recommend!    
9/4/2017My daughter is allergic to peanuts and there are two peanut snacks in the waiting room. I am very surprised with all of the peanut allergies and this being a medical facility. I hope they will be taken out and replaced.    
9/4/2017Nice, friendly courteous staff    
9/4/2017This is the best urgent care Ive ever been to    
9/3/2017Always great physician who know what theyre doing.    
9/3/2017Everyone was really wonderful and so kind. The snacks for my 4 year old were very thoughtful and kept him happy. Thank you!    
9/2/2017As always a very good visit. Quality service and team.    
9/1/2017Nice place    
9/1/2017Staff was great    
9/1/2017Very thorough and speedy! Thanks    
8/31/2017I came in late and they were great    
8/30/2017I love that I dont have to wait a long time and the staff is always wonderful.    
8/30/2017Accept more insurance    
8/30/2017Everyone was great and friendly    
8/30/2017Great facilities. Nice People !    
8/29/2017Great hospitality, would stay here again.    
8/29/2017Great service    
8/29/2017Whole staff is very friendly    
8/28/2017Cant think of anything everyone has been wonderful.    
8/28/2017Great all around! Thanks!!    
8/28/2017Great Job!    
8/28/2017It was great    
8/28/2017The whole staff was helpful and friendly, I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a doctor    
8/28/2017Very helpful and calming    
8/27/2017Easy, professional staff    
8/27/2017Everyone I worked with here including Callie is wonderful    
8/27/2017Excellent care    
8/26/2017Doctor was great. Billing was off just like last time and causes a longer wait time/ slightly frustrating.    
8/26/2017Great experience and professional service    
8/26/2017Great experience!    
8/26/2017Thank you    
8/26/2017Very prompt help    
8/25/2017I love this place. Very convenient %26 fast    
8/25/2017Very nice staff and dr    
8/25/2017Friendly and efficient    
8/25/2017Got great advice    
8/23/2017Hard to get thru on phone but excellent service when I walked in    
8/22/2017Everyone was super nice!    
8/22/2017Excellent customer service and professional staff.    
8/22/2017Great staff and wait time    
8/22/2017Love the snacks :)    
8/22/2017Once again everyone was wonderful and friendly    
8/22/2017Thank you!    
8/21/2017Awesome staff!!!!    
8/21/2017Everyone was quick, efficient, and friendly    
8/21/2017Great experience here. Would never hesitate if I needed to stop in. A !    
8/21/2017They are so nice, quick, and knowledgeable    
8/21/2017This place is great!    
8/20/2017Great Experience    
8/20/2017Great! Health professionals were wonderful!    
8/20/2017It was great    
8/19/2017You guys are amazing! Thank you for everything! Ive never had a better urgent care experience.    
8/19/2017Great quick service and friendly staff.    
8/19/2017Great service and treatment so speedy an efficient.    
8/18/2017Pre sign in    
8/18/2017They are very nice here. Nice place too.    
8/16/2017Appreciated the speed of service and friendliness of staff    
8/16/2017Everyone is super nice!!!!!!    
8/16/2017I would love for you to update your website so that it reflects that you do not take HMOs it led to a lot of grumpiness on all sides.    
8/16/2017Staff were awesome! Thank you    
8/16/2017Nice and fast for the testing    
8/16/2017Very fast and friendly service!    
8/16/2017Very quick and caring    
8/15/2017I always have a great experience at MedSpring!    
8/15/2017Professional staff    
8/15/2017The doctors were wonderful and made me feel at ease    
8/15/2017Very friendly customer service, clean facility!    
8/15/2017Very friendly staff!    
8/15/2017You guys are awesome!    
8/15/2017Always have hated going to the doctors office/urgent care but this has been the single most enjoyable experience of my entire life in terms of visiting a doctors office. Will definitely recommend.    
8/15/2017Every visit has been a very positive experience    
8/14/2017Doctor and attendants were great