MedSpring Anderson Mill - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Excellent staff!    
9/11/2017Hope online reservations come back soon    
9/10/2017Staff were fabulous!!!    
9/10/2017Thank you so very much!    
9/10/2017Very fast and thoughtful staff    
9/10/2017It is a good place for patients with problems for immediate attention.    
9/9/2017Very nice    
9/9/2017Everyone extremely nice, great place    
9/8/2017Thanks for the great care!    
9/8/2017Staff is very kind and very professional. The facility has just the right temperature to be comfortable. This is not the case in other Urgent Care places.    
9/7/2017Staff was friendly    
9/7/2017Thank you so much!    
9/7/2017Awesome the first time and awesome this time as well! Staff here is excellent and very professional.    
9/7/2017I love coming to MedSpring! Theyre quick and friendly!    
9/6/2017* was very nice and Melanie was great too.    
9/6/2017Everyone was great! Wait times seemed long in between nurse and doctor and nurse.    
9/6/2017Great service    
9/6/2017I appreciate how easy it was    
9/6/2017I was brought back immediately with my asthma    
9/6/2017Like the tv and slept on the couch    
9/5/2017Staff is very welcoming    
9/5/2017Thank you    
9/5/2017Where are your trash cans? Ive had to carry around my tissues all visit    
9/5/2017You have a great staff working in a very nice facility. Thank you.    
9/5/2017Attentive and seemed to be very knowledgeable    
9/5/2017No concerns. Prompt and effective service.    
9/4/2017This is the first time Ive visited a MedSpring facility, and I loved it. Ill be sure to recommend anyone who asks to this place.    
9/4/2017Spent 2 hours for a three minute conversation    
9/3/2017This is my 3rd time here and each time, the providers have been amazing!    
9/3/2017Very good facilities and staff. Highly recommend.    
9/3/2017Very nice and clean, and everyone was friendly.    
9/3/2017Great job as always!    
9/3/2017Great service friendly and professional staff    
9/3/2017Long wait but the staff was very nice and helpful.    
9/2/2017The staff was very kind and helpful    
9/2/2017Professional, friendly %26 knowledgeable first time here will definitely use as urgent care facility in the future. Highly recommend!    
9/1/2017Very friendly staff.    
9/1/2017First provider to ever give me a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, which could be my problem.    
9/1/2017Good service    
9/1/2017Nice and clear information    
8/31/2017* and * were great!    
8/31/2017The staff knows their stuff. Very friendly!    
8/31/2017The wait time was short and they took my insurance.    
8/31/2017Wait was pretty long, for effectively a 10 minute appointment    
8/30/2017Was better than expected    
8/30/2017Yall are great, welcome here for anything and everything and nothing beats MedSpring Urgent Care.    
8/30/2017Always a pleasant experience despite the unfortunate circumstances that bring me in. This was no exception. Thank you!    
8/30/2017Cool tv for entertainment    
8/30/2017I love the tv in the room!    
8/30/2017My nurse was very nice to me    
8/29/2017Amazing facility, very friendly. Best urgent care Ive ever been too.    
8/29/2017Competent and friendly staff.    
8/29/2017I always recommend you to everyone    
8/29/2017Long wait but great service    
8/29/2017So grateful I popped over here this morning! Everybody was great!    
8/29/2017This is our 3rd time for a sports physical. MedSpring is always great!    
8/28/2017Very nice staff, assistant and doctor!    
8/28/2017Always great service, thank you!    
8/28/2017Fast and efficient    
8/28/2017Ive always been pleased with MedSpring. Rather disappointed that lab or imaging cant be completed here or ordered out and now a second visit needs to be made elsewhere    
8/28/2017Very comfortable environment!    
8/27/2017Everyone is extremely welcoming and I was able to be seen very quickly. Highly recommend this facility.    
8/27/2017Great service %26 timely    
8/27/2017This is an excellent place for treatment    
8/27/2017Very fast and nice folks!    
8/27/2017Very supportive and friendly.    
8/26/2017Staff is professional and caring.    
8/26/2017Thank you *    
8/26/2017This was fast easy and painless. Thank you    
8/25/2017All of the staff here seemed very kind and helpful.    
8/25/2017Everyone was very pleasant    
8/25/2017Everyone who helped me was friendly and polite and very engaging. Great experience all the way around.    
8/25/2017Friendly staff. Clean facility. Timely appointments .    
8/25/2017Needs to faster service. maybe have more people working at a time.    
8/25/2017Quick service    
8/25/2017The check in survey wasnt very efficient.    
8/25/2017The tech was so nice!    
8/25/2017They got us right in and everyone was so professional. Would def come back    
8/25/2017Very fast, clean, nice staff    
8/25/2017Very nice place. Friendly staff. Clean and fast.    
8/24/2017* was very nice    
8/24/2017It was very clean and budge friendly    
8/24/2017The front desk should pay more attention to details to help speed up initial wait time. My name was spelled incorrectly and a due by date was not noticed. All else was easy and quick.    
8/24/2017The wait was long but the staff was great    
8/23/2017Everyone is wonderful. Staff gave excellent care to my son and helped me get him ready for school. I dont know why anyone would go anywhere else! Thank you!    
8/23/2017I messed up the screening process but the staff was very understanding about it    
8/23/2017It was great    
8/23/2017There seems to be almost mo one working here. The receptionist attended to my drug screening herself. Not the fault of anyone working here, but such a large facility definitely needs more staff    
8/22/2017Fastest urgent service Ive ever received. Very professional.    
8/22/2017Great idea to have television in the room.    
8/22/2017Great service!!!!!!    
8/22/2017Im glad I came here for my mini emergency! Everyone was friendly, helpful, and understanding and I felt confident in their care.    
8/22/2017Thank you for everything you all are wonderful