MedSpring Barton Springs - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/22/2017Great hospitality very quick    
8/22/2017Really impressed in the new technology conducting the drug screening. No room for error.    
8/22/2017Thanks for the great service    
8/21/2017The physician at this location was excellent    
8/20/2017I like the tv and love seat.    
8/20/2017Mary grave was great and caring. Thank you for the great care    
8/20/2017Thank you for staying open late. Dr * was the best and staff too    
8/20/2017Was seen fast, rooms were nice, staff nice. iPad tough to type on    
8/19/2017Appreciate the positive attitudes!    
8/19/2017RT was very professional and helpful. MD swiftly diagnosed and treated my injury .    
8/19/2017* was so thorough and nice!    
8/19/2017Thanks for taking time to explain aspects of the physical. I felt very welcomed and comfortable here.    
8/18/2017Everything was great!    
8/18/2017I was unable to make an appointment online.    
8/18/2017* and the doctor were wonderful!    
8/18/2017The PA was precise. The nurses were kind and helpful.    
8/18/2017The staff was good    
8/18/2017The staff was good but long wait    
8/18/2017There was a long wait but nurse sheena and dr Melanie took great care    
8/18/2017They were very accommodating    
8/18/2017Very prompt and explaining things thoroughly    
8/17/2017Great staff!    
8/17/2017Such a sweet staff.    
8/17/2017Thank you :)    
8/16/2017Nicest * I have ever been to.    
8/16/2017We came in for two physical exams. Did not have to wait long to be seen and the PA was very friendly and efficient.    
8/15/2017Really friendly staff and I was in and out in amazing time frame    
8/15/2017Thank Jon tony and Sheena for your well mannered bedside manner. Mary grace was a delight doctor    
8/14/2017Everyone was kind and courteous    
8/14/2017Online reservation system is very easy to use    
8/14/2017The entire staff was knowledgeable and prompt! Very nice experience.    
8/14/2017Very kind and attentive staff!    
8/14/2017Wish you had an ultrasound    
8/13/2017So fast and efficient. Best highspeed clinic ever    
8/13/2017The staff was very warm and welcoming . Totally put me at ease    
8/13/2017We made an appointment at a different location. When we arrived, we were told that they were extremely busy and suggested that we return later. It would have been nice if someone contacted us before we drove over there.    
8/13/2017* was so friendly and took great care of me    
8/13/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful.    
8/13/2017Excellent service!    
8/13/2017Friendly and swift!    
8/12/2017Great customer service. Friendly and helpful!    
8/12/2017Lovely personnel, convenient, all around great experience!    
8/12/2017Made me feel comfortable and made my pain go away fast! Thank you!    
8/12/2017More diet soda would be nice.    
8/11/2017Great staff!!    
8/11/2017Very professional and quality experience    
8/10/2017First time here no very impressed!    
8/10/2017Good people!    
8/10/2017In and out!    
8/10/2017Tv control was nice ???    
8/9/2017Love the coffee area    
8/9/2017Staff is so nice and comforting    
8/8/2017Thank you for quick service    
8/7/2017All staff were very friendly and attentive.    
8/7/2017Everyone was fantastic    
8/7/2017I love how they were with me I would definitely recommend it to anyone    
8/7/2017Very friendly doctors and staff, makes bad situations much better!    
8/7/2017Your occupational health rules are terrible    
8/7/2017a little long wait    
8/6/2017Nice people Very helpful    
8/6/2017Very friendly staff and speedy service.