MedSpring Burnet Road - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017At the north Lamar location they sent me over here saying that I would have a ten minute wait vs an hour wait and that there was only one person. None of that was true.    
9/11/2017Fantastic staff all around. The front desk staff, nurses, doctors, everyone. I will 100% recommend this facility    
9/11/2017Great people knowledgeable staff    
9/10/2017Everyone was very friendly and nice.    
9/9/2017Everyone was great    
9/9/2017Super fast to see me, very helpful and kind.    
9/9/2017Very nice staff    
9/8/2017* was very kind. She explained everything clearly.    
9/8/2017Very quick and convenient! Great service!    
9/7/2017Awesome staff!!!    
9/7/2017Very professional staff    
9/6/2017Thanks For the Services    
9/6/2017Very prompt service.    
9/6/2017Your website advertises blood work but this location does not offer that. We would not have wasted time and money if we had known    
9/5/2017Very kind staff. Very comfortable experience    
9/5/2017Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great customer service and quick turnaround time from arrival to departure. Keep up the good work.    
9/5/2017I really appreciate being seen without an appointment so close to closing time.    
9/5/2017Letting family members no about this place    
9/5/2017Very casual positive vibe.    
9/4/2017Very friendly and comfortable visit.    
9/4/2017Very friendly staff    
9/4/2017Very kind staff    
9/4/2017Was great!    
9/3/2017I did not realize breaking a toe would be this fun the treatment and service at the clinic is what I am referring to. Great team at this office.    
9/3/2017This has been the most helpful diagnoses for my month long cough so far    
9/3/2017* was very courteous, intelligent and very caring with my injuries.    
9/3/2017Very friendly staff made us very comfortable    
9/3/2017Very professional. Nice facilities    
9/3/2017Wayne was good    
9/2/2017I loved my visit overall. Thanks for taking care of me ?    
9/2/2017Nice staff thank you    
9/2/2017Testing twice for strep would reduce false negative to 4%    
9/2/2017Thank you very much for everything    
9/2/2017The snacks are great for kids.    
9/2/2017Everyone was caring and professional. Service was fast and physician was thorough. Nice Job!    
9/1/2017Best urgent care ever    
9/1/2017Everyone was great, I already forgot my doctors name but she was the best ???    
9/1/2017Excellent customer service and experience.    
9/1/2017It was calm!    
9/1/2017* and her nurse were amazing and prompt    
9/1/2017Very professional staff!    
8/31/2017Very friendly employees    
8/30/2017It was great.    
8/30/2017Nice people    
8/30/2017Great job!    
8/29/2017Great staff    
8/29/2017Thank you    
8/29/2017The people who work here are great    
8/28/2017Everyone was friendly!    
8/28/2017Quick turn around. Thanks    
8/27/2017Friendly staff!    
8/26/2017Thanks for the snacks.    
8/25/2017* and * were so friendly and helpful!! Would highly recommend!!!    
8/25/2017Amazing facility and staff!!    
8/24/2017Very nice staff    
8/24/2017Place is awesome. * was wonderful up front, * was friendly and patient with my 6 yr old. Provider * was wonderful and made the visit the best we had so far!    
8/23/2017Great staff! Wonderful doctor!    
8/23/2017Great, fast, friendly. Took excellent care throughout.    
8/23/2017It was grate    
8/23/2017It was wonderful and Dr. was crazy cool. All the staff was very warm and friendly. Thank you!!!     
8/23/2017Staff is very nice and professional    
8/23/2017Everyone is always so helpful and friendly.    
8/21/2017Very helpful and comforting    
8/20/2017Great staff and a nice clean facility.    
8/20/2017Great visit, great people!    
8/20/2017I always get good care here.thank you all    
8/20/2017* and * were great    
8/19/2017Was great, keep it up!    
8/19/2017Always great service!    
8/19/2017Everyone here is super nice and engaging. Felt taken care of.    
8/19/2017Quick, easy, and friendly on a Saturday evening. What more could I ask? Thanks!    
8/18/2017Loved how efficient the team is here.    
8/17/2017Awesome place ppl and service! Ty!!!    
8/17/2017Everyone was very kind to me and made me feel welcome! They also explained every question I thought of without me needing to ask! 11/10!!!    
8/17/2017Everything was great except the wait time    
8/17/2017Great !    
8/17/2017Very professional. Thank you.    
8/16/2017Awesome and friendly staff!    
8/16/2017Everyone was great,!    
8/16/2017Everyone was very friendly. I felt very comfortable with everyone    
8/16/2017Keep up good work.    
8/16/2017Thank you!    
8/16/2017This is my go to place, even better when * is working    
8/15/2017I wont go anywhere else. They always fix me up better than my own doc!    
8/14/2017Great service! Very helpful!    
8/14/2017Im not a fan of duplicating processes. We should be able to fill out one form    
8/13/2017Very Professional Thanks a lot    
8/13/2017Very efficient and polite!    
8/12/2017First time at a place like this. Very impressed!    
8/12/2017Great staff. Very friendly and efficient.    
8/12/2017It was awesome, love the great customer service!    
8/12/2017There was a bit of delay it would have been better to have someone stick their head in to update me. Minor issue.    
8/12/2017Very great staff    
8/11/2017Great folks, made a 4 year old really comfortable!