MedSpring Burnet Road - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/11/2017Great office team!    
8/10/2017Coffee and the cable TV or nice touch!    
8/10/2017Great service and very friendly    
8/9/2017Great staff and honest diagnosis ???    
8/9/2017Love the staff they were so friendly!    
8/9/2017The Burnet Team is amazing.    
8/8/2017You guys were very kind to my son!    
8/8/2017Everything was perfect!    
8/8/2017I am very happy the service. Thank you.    
8/7/2017Always my first choice for my medical needs    
8/7/2017Fast and professional as always :)    
8/7/2017Staff was very friendly and courteous not to mention above normal service    
8/7/2017Very fast, courteous, and thorough examination.    
8/6/2017Friendly staff. Easy to get in and out.    
8/6/2017Great service    
8/6/2017Great service!    
8/6/2017Love the snacks! Great customer service!    
8/5/2017Easy, quick and very friendly staff    
8/5/2017Everything was great thanks    
8/5/2017Great experience. Thank you for weekend hours.    
8/4/2017Comfortable and friendly    
8/3/2017The nurse who drew my blood was really good. I have a phobia of needles and that was about as smoothly as its ever gone.    
8/3/2017Excellent service and very friendly staff. *was very helpful throughout.    
8/3/2017Great service and caring facility    
8/3/2017I have been to MedSpring over 10 times and this by far the best experience. Thank you to the team.    
8/3/2017Nice people that dont make you feel foolish or stupid.    
8/2/2017Friendly and helpful staff!    
8/2/2017Great team here. Next time Im sick I will be back    
8/2/2017Still a very courteous, friendly and professional team.    
8/2/2017Very friendly! Wait was a little long but to be expected with drop ins. Love the staff    
8/1/2017High cost    
7/31/2017Fast and friendly    
7/31/2017It is great to have the discount on the physical    
7/31/2017Staff was amazingfriendly, and professional!    
7/31/2017The staff was very polite, courteous and professional.    
7/31/2017The technician was very friendly and efficient.    
7/31/2017Unbelievably fast. Super friendly and knowledgeable!    
7/30/2017Fast, easy and so thankful you guys are located in my neighborhood AND open on Sundays!    
7/30/2017Love the staff fast in and out keep up the good job    
7/30/2017Very kind and respectful staff in all areas    
7/30/2017Very professional, knowledgeable and clear with explanations and instructions    
7/30/2017Very professional.....Thank you!?    
7/29/2017Amazing service from start to finish. Phenomenal providers that were very friendly and professional    
7/29/2017Extremely friendly. Ill only be going to this clinic in the future. Speedy service as well!!!    
7/29/2017From front desk to medical assistant to nurse practitioner, everyone was fantastic    
7/29/2017Great service %26 very friendly !    
7/29/2017The nurse and nurse practitioner were both very friendly! They took very good care and were very speedy!    
7/29/2017Very easy and pleasant experience.    
7/29/2017Xray table needs padding    
7/28/2017All of the employees were very helpful and considerate.    
7/28/2017I really got the care that I needed and they were so kind. Thank a lot    
7/28/2017Nice efficient people.    
7/26/2017Muy AMA led, muy contenta    
7/25/2017Everyone was pleasant and professional. Awesome experience    
7/25/2017Staff was very efficient and kind. Made me feel comfortable.    
7/24/2017Everyone was very nice and professional. Excellent service.    
7/24/2017Everyone was very professional and courteous.    
7/24/2017I always trust MedSpring when Im not feeling well. Thank your team for always being so kind.    
7/24/2017Very concern %26 caring    
7/24/2017Very welcoming and courteous staff.    
7/23/2017Both * and * were comforting and professional. Thanks    
7/23/2017Excellent service    
7/23/2017Experience was fantastic. Thank you!    
7/22/2017Both the nurse and NP displayed a very caring manner. Much appreciated!    
7/22/2017Everyone was great!    
7/22/2017I waited about 35 minutes in the room, but overall everyone was very friendly and professional    
7/22/2017Very easy %26 straightforward    
7/21/2017Everyone was very nice and helpful.    
7/21/2017First time. Much easier than getting primary care doc appointment. Thanks!    
7/21/2017Thank you so much for wonderful friendly service. I am only sorry that I did not come sooner!