MedSpring Cedar Park - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Everyone was extremely friendly and professional.    
9/11/2017Thank you! Great service    
9/10/2017Awesome staff and fast treatment!!    
9/10/2017Awesome. Quick, kind visit.    
9/10/2017Thank you for making this visit easy and comfortable.    
9/9/2017Everyone is always very helpful. Its nice to be able to come in a been seen right away!    
9/9/2017Great doctor    
9/9/2017I do understand that there was an emergency in another room, but I spent two and a half hours here from arrival, to departure.    
9/9/2017It was good    
9/9/2017Staff were amazing. Thank you.    
9/8/2017Fast service    
9/8/2017Love the convenience of getting in and out    
9/8/2017Very friendly staff    
9/8/2017Very helpful and efficient.    
9/8/2017Very nice facility, love the TVs in the rooms.    
9/7/2017Very caring people and very nice facilities    
9/7/2017Very professional    
9/6/2017Friendly, knowledgeable and fast service    
9/5/2017Nice, professional. A tad longer than Id like but ok.    
9/4/2017All staff were very professional, courteous and patient.    
9/4/2017Everyone was very nice and patient with my daughter. Thank you very much.    
9/4/2017Great friendly staff and experience. Thank you for getting me all better!    
9/4/2017Kind and considerate staff    
9/4/2017Thankful the doctor was able to see my ailment with an Xray!!!    
9/4/2017Very friendly staff and quick service. Also very clean facility.    
9/3/2017Felt very comfortable with the staff, was seen promptly %26 was treated accurately.    
9/3/2017I appreciate how friendly and quick everyone was    
9/3/2017Very friendly    
9/2/2017Great experience    
9/2/2017Love, love coming here. Amazing staff!    
9/2/2017Professional and quick    
9/2/2017Staff is very friendly and made our experience great!    
9/2/2017Always leave here with the feeling of being taken care of! Love PA Vu!    
9/1/2017Convenient and easy    
8/31/2017Very nice and professional    
8/31/2017Wonderful care and service    
8/30/2017Thank you!    
8/30/2017Thank You!!!    
8/30/2017Wonderful friendly staff and doctors. Thank you for being so helpful and friendly and informative.    
8/30/2017Appt 5. Did not get seen till 5:50pm. Unacceptable    
8/29/2017Great facility    
8/29/2017Please do not allow the front staff member try to detour people away from being seen. You close at 9pm. If I come in at 8:15pm. I dont want to feel bad about coming in.    
8/29/2017There was longer than usual wait, but there a to. Of students here for physicals too.    
8/29/2017We had a 6:00 appointment %26 didnt get seen until 7:15. Not ok with an appointment.    
8/28/2017It wasnt bad , thank you .    
8/28/2017Very friendly    
8/28/2017Very good service    
8/27/2017Amazing and fast!!    
8/27/2017Felt very comfortable with all the staff    
8/27/2017I am very impressed with the service and the staff of MedSpring. Very helpful and friendly and enjoyable.    
8/27/2017I love how efficient and fast this clinic is.    
8/27/2017I would recommend for anyone    
8/27/2017The staff is awesome!    
8/27/2017Very fast, very helpful, nice staff    
8/26/2017* was very pleasant and presentable    
8/26/2017Quick physical!    
8/26/2017Very professional staff and relaxing environment. Thank you    
8/25/2017Thank you    
8/25/2017Was quick love the speed and professionalism    
8/25/2017For the drug screening you guys should handle different check in so that we dont have to wait    
8/24/2017This was super quick and efficient    
8/24/2017Very accommodating, speedy service    
8/24/2017Very comfortable, thank you.    
8/24/2017Very good doctor    
8/24/2017Great service    
8/23/2017Free food and drinks lit    
8/23/2017The folks there were outstanding    
8/23/2017Very friendly and professional staff!    
8/23/2017Very nice staff, good accommodations    
8/23/2017Very well maintained facility and really nice staff.    
8/22/2017Appreciate the pleasant staff. They didnt rush us or make us feel rushed. Very good with my 12yr old and made sure she understood diagnoses and prescribed therapy to strengthen her ankle    
8/22/2017Great facility, nice experience    
8/21/2017Doctor was very informative and the nurse was great and very patient    
8/21/2017Great experience!    
8/21/2017Too long waiting time    
8/20/2017Everyone was nice and helpful    
8/20/2017Great customer service    
8/20/2017Great facility!    
8/20/2017Keep up the good work!    
8/19/2017Very helpful    
8/19/2017Wonderful, quick, friendly.    
8/19/2017Everything was great    
8/19/2017I have a good time , everyone was awesome.    
8/19/2017Thank you for being so accommodating for my nieces and nephew.    
8/18/2017It is always efficient and speedy here.    
8/18/2017Tvs were not working in our room.    
8/18/2017Very polite and expedient    
8/17/2017Great place for physical and very efficient    
8/17/2017Staff is great    
8/16/2017check ins    
8/16/2017Everyone was great    
8/15/2017Need overview summary of health questions in case not sure answered correctly or made mistake that can scroll through hit change or something