MedSpring Cedar Park - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/15/2017Nice folksprofessional    
8/15/2017They are fantastic!    
8/15/2017You guys are awesome start to finish! Fast friendly and professional!    
8/15/2017Friendly staff and clean facility    
8/14/2017Excellent service    
8/14/2017Quick and easy visit. Lauren and vu quick and professional    
8/14/2017Staff are extremely friendly and welcoming.    
8/14/2017Very nice staff and clean office    
8/13/2017Maybe consider putting soap in the bathroom.    
8/13/2017Nice staff and well attended.    
8/13/2017Nice work    
8/13/2017Everyone was super nice! Definitely recommend    
8/13/2017Great service    
8/13/2017Great staff and excellent service!    
8/12/2017Every friendly people. Great service.    
8/12/2017We came in for sports physicals, and we were able to get in and out quickly. The staff were very nice!    
8/11/2017Always professional, attentive, and fast.    
8/11/2017Great, total in and out.    
8/11/2017Make sure all tvs in every room works. This really helps patient pass time    
8/11/2017One bathroom had no soap. Only negative    
8/11/2017Professional and friendly    
8/11/2017Very professional, fast and efficient. Also very friendly.    
8/10/2017Better estimates on wait time    
8/10/2017Checking in took too long. Service was great in the back.    
8/10/2017Very positive experience and fast!    
8/10/2017Waiting room time too long. Over an hour.    
8/10/2017We waited 3 hours for school physicals with very few patients being seen during that time (maybe 3). Once we got in the room the nurses and PA were excellent.    
8/9/2017Nice and quick! Thank you!    
8/9/2017Nice friendly staff    
8/9/2017Very clean facility.    
8/9/2017Very clean, even friendlier.