MedSpring Central Austin - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Great care and staff!    
9/11/2017Quick, clean, and friendly    
9/11/2017Third appt and very happy with service    
9/11/2017Very professional. She was respectful and to point.    
9/11/2017You guys were quick and efficient.    
9/10/2017Verypolitestaffjust slow    
9/10/2017Everyone was very sweet. Great staff. Will be back if I need it.    
9/9/2017Friendly people. Long wait    
9/9/2017Just call people for appointments is the only thing    
9/9/2017Thank you    
9/9/2017The doctor was so warm    
9/9/2017Too long of a wait    
9/8/2017Everyone had wonderful bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable! Very pleasant visit!    
9/8/2017Everyone very professional and courteous    
9/8/2017Great experience    
9/8/2017Great service!    
9/8/2017Just disappointed that I had to wait 1.25 hours even though I had an appointment    
9/8/2017Stephanie went offsite to get the test I needed I didnt have a car and that saved the day everyone was terrific    
9/8/2017Very efficient!    
9/8/2017Very friendly staff made me feel at home!    
9/7/2017Best clinic Ive been too    
9/7/2017Check in process is tedious for follow up visits. Needs to be streamlined. Why is part of sign in still handwritten?    
9/7/2017Everyone was very kind and helpful I greatly appreciate them all.    
9/7/2017Everything was great    
9/7/2017I turned 19 today but they still gave me the 18 price. Thank you so much!!    
9/7/2017It was great.    
9/7/2017Quick service. Friendly staff. Im feeling better than before. Ty.    
9/7/2017Staff was very professional and kind.    
9/7/2017Very friendly and helpful.    
9/6/2017Doctor (John) was excellent, answered all my questions. Very pleased with the quality of care. However, the xray machine was malfunctioning, which is problematic.    
9/6/2017Great, friendly staff.    
9/6/2017It was great. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.    
9/6/2017* and * were amazing and very attentive!    
9/6/2017Man at the front desk was rude and got a little loud and frustrated at us when we first checked in. Everyone else was great    
9/6/2017Staff was friendly    
9/6/2017Very friendly and listens well    
9/6/2017Very understanding staff. Came in a little late but got no resentment for it. I do apologize about that    
9/5/2017Everyone is very friendly and attentive! They are very customer service oriented while assessing and addressing your health needs, all in a timely manner. This is my goto place!    
9/5/2017I love the snacks and appt. was quick    
9/5/2017It was good    
9/5/2017Thanks so much!    
9/5/2017The in room wait after being admitted was a tad longer than Id anticipated .    
9/4/2017Excellent and efficient care!    
9/4/2017Great females ????????    
9/4/2017Great work from everyone that assisted me today. Will keep in mind for future emergencies!    
9/4/2017Impressed with my speed of care today!    
9/4/2017Super speedy    
9/4/2017Thank you! Always happy with care here    
9/4/2017The pa I saw was rather flippant and didnt seem willing to help.    
9/4/2017Very nice staff    
9/3/2017Doctor I saw was awesome! Techs and front desk staff was incredible. Would definitely recommend.    
9/3/2017Nice professional staff    
9/3/2017Thank you    
9/2/2017Great job!    
9/2/2017It was very fast service and they took care of the problem right away!    
9/2/2017This place is great!    
9/2/2017Was great    
9/2/2017Best clinic Ive ever been to    
9/2/2017Everything went remarkably fast and I was extremely impressed    
9/2/2017Good staff    
9/1/2017Doctor and support were top notch.    
9/1/2017Friendly staff Clean room Didnt feel rushed    
9/1/2017Great experience and no wait time    
9/1/2017This place smells terrible    
8/31/2017Great job very quick and responsive    
8/31/2017I wouldve liked an explanation of how I mightve gotten conjunctivitis.    
8/31/2017Thank you for staying open to treat me    
8/31/2017Very friendly and quick service    
8/31/2017Very low wait, very friendly people    
8/30/2017Great staff and doctor    
8/30/2017Thank you!!!!!    
8/30/2017This place is awesome and everyone that is working here too    
8/30/2017Very efficient work place!    
8/30/2017Copay is super high    
8/30/2017Everyone was great but could benefit from being able to do full pelvic exam    
8/30/2017Friendly and professional!    
8/29/2017Everything was so quick!    
8/29/2017Fast and efficient! Job well done.    
8/29/2017Nice people    
8/29/2017The rubbing alcohol aroma is ... kind of *pervasive*.    
8/29/2017This may have been the easiest er visit ever??    
8/29/2017Very friendly staff    
8/29/2017Wonderful service    
8/28/2017Clean the underside of the cabinets... otherwise it was good    
8/28/2017I feel very grateful to be able to come here and be treated kindly and without judgement. Thank you so much. I do generally try to make it to RBJ for these concerns but if they cant be accessed, coming here can be a god send. Thanks    
8/28/2017I think it was nice fast and good    
8/28/2017My doctor was very nice.    
8/27/2017All of your kiosk questions are not in present tense. Some state HAVE YOU HAD...etc. I asked the desk person and she said they all should be considered in the PRESENT TENSE. Just trying to be helpful. I over analyze everything!    
8/27/2017First time here and it was a great experience. Everyone was super. I will definitely be back.    
8/27/2017Great staff    
8/27/2017Second time here, always quick and always helpful.    
8/27/2017Very kid friendly!    
8/26/2017Everyone was so very nice. A great place to be    
8/26/2017Excellent patient care    
8/26/2017Great staff    
8/26/2017The a/c is very cold.    
8/25/2017Thank you!    
8/25/2017This place looks and smells wonderful! ?