MedSpring Central Austin - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/25/2017Went Great    
8/24/2017The staff is always kind and professional. They explain everything with full clarity and transparency.    
8/24/2017Everyone was very helpful %26 friendly    
8/24/2017Everyone was very helpful and welcoming    
8/24/2017Great doctor    
8/24/2017Great experience!! Thanks!!    
8/24/2017I really like this place,! Everyone is very nice and professional    
8/24/2017I was told that it would be $100 for my xrays, but not 100 per xray. Very surprised at the bill when it was $150 more than I was told.    
8/24/2017Speed up service    
8/23/2017Great care from all    
8/23/2017Great experience! Very professional, listens to your needs and very helpful.    
8/23/2017Great snacks    
8/23/2017Its just that everyone is very profession, I have always had great experiences with all of yall    
8/23/2017This is such a amazing clinic    
8/23/2017Very kind and helpful    
8/23/2017Yall are great!    
8/23/2017Yall were very nice.    
8/23/2017Everyone Is very kind and makes you feel welcomed.    
8/22/2017Every time I have been here everyone is so nice and doesnt take much time at all    
8/22/2017Great staff    
8/22/2017I waited over 2 hours to a provider/ attendant.    
8/22/2017Love the snacks    
8/22/2017This was a very pleasant experience. Glad I came to this location.    
8/22/2017Very friendly staff. Great service    
8/22/2017Was not asked to update list of medications.    
8/21/2017Everyone here is extremely friendly and helpful    
8/21/2017Great place    
8/21/2017Great service as always!    
8/21/2017Keep up the great work.    
8/21/2017Med Spring Employees should emphasize the importance of doing urine sample test accurately on the first trial.    
8/21/2017Very efficient and friendly service.    
8/21/2017We were told a 4590 min wait, but the team here hustled to get through all the patients quickly with high quality service. We were in and out, door to door, in under an hour!    
8/20/2017Thank you    
8/20/2017Thank you for being here on the weekend!    
8/20/2017The professional treatment is excellent    
8/20/2017The service was fast and the staff was kind and polite. We love coming here. Thank you.    
8/20/2017Too hot in room but great otherwise    
8/19/2017Very fast friendly and helpful    
8/19/2017Everyone was very nice!    
8/19/2017Good dr visit    
8/19/2017I come down from north Austin just because this place has given me better service than my doctor    
8/19/2017Perfect exelented    
8/19/2017Right at closing, and everyone was so helpful.    
8/19/2017Thank you for seeing me on weekend. Dr. was great explanations very complete.    
8/18/2017Everyone was terrific. I am a big baby and hate shots but * didnt even hurt me. Thanks to all of you.    
8/18/2017Great, friendly staff!    
8/18/2017It was enjoyable and quick    
8/18/2017* could not have been nicer!    
8/18/2017The staff is wonderful, very friendly    
8/17/2017It was good. The food was great!?    
8/17/2017Just a long wait    
8/17/2017Probably shouldnt use tablets to do checkins bc of nosocomial infections    
8/17/2017Thanks! Everyone was great    
8/17/2017The doctor and nurses were wonderful!    
8/17/2017The staff was friendly    
8/17/2017Very little availability for MD    
8/16/2017doctor was very attentive and took the time to answer all my questions. You dont find that at a lot of urgent care facilities. Was a nice change    
8/16/2017Efficient and easy to work with.    
8/16/2017Great job!    
8/16/2017Really friendly staff and doctor, thank u so much!    
8/16/2017Thank you so much for all your help and for being here    
8/15/2017Good experience