MedSpring Katy | Fry Rd. - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Always great service    
9/11/2017Awesome service, happy workers    
9/11/2017Professional and knowledgeable    
9/11/2017They were all nice and accommodating.    
9/10/2017Very professional and courteous    
9/10/2017Great service, friendly people.    
9/10/2017Love the snacks and tv    
9/9/2017Everyone was professional and made the visit about me and not their agenda.    
9/9/2017Good friendly staff and Doctor answered all my questions and genuinely interested in ensuring I understood the XRAY and the illness,    
9/9/2017The check in questionnaire is very time consuming    
9/9/2017Very cold in room    
9/8/2017Great service!!!! Janice was very nice and helpful    
9/8/2017I wouldnt change anything.    
9/7/2017Excellent service    
9/7/2017Friendly staff, thanks!!!    
9/7/2017Great attentive staff    
9/7/2017I received a very comprehensive exam by the nurse practitioner. Very pleased with the outstanding service.    
9/7/2017Thank you!    
9/7/2017Thanks so for the excellent quick service!    
9/7/2017This has been a very pleasant experience. Thank you!    
9/7/2017Very nice staff and caring people    
9/6/2017Easy going experience.    
9/6/2017I appreciate the prompt service, no wait.    
9/6/2017Staff were friendly and efficient.    
9/6/2017Always nice, helpful, and professional.    
9/5/2017Very good, we always come here    
9/5/2017Very impressed. Thank you!!    
9/5/2017Very professional, quick, %26 patient friendly!    
9/5/2017You guys were extremely informative. Never been so glad to be diagnosed with something so I can get this treated and done.    
9/5/2017Doctor and staff was super nice    
9/5/2017Great knowledgeable people    
9/5/2017Staff were very caring and professional. Great staff!!!    
9/5/2017Professional caring service in friendly clean environment.    
9/4/2017Great service    
9/4/2017I love the use of technology at this place. Very friendly staff. I enjoyed my visit and I trust that I will feel better in a few days. HL    
9/4/2017* location and all of the people in it are wonderful!    
9/4/2017Quick and easy experience.    
9/4/2017So fast and thorough    
9/4/2017Through this tough time your staff really encouraged us thank you for your excellent service    
9/4/2017Through this tough *e your staff really encouraged us thank you for your excellent service    
9/3/2017Everything was great    
9/3/2017Fast service    
9/3/2017Good and caring Doctor who asked and answered great questions.    
9/3/2017Great doctor    
9/3/2017Great experience!    
9/3/2017Service with smile and humor    
9/2/2017Great team    
9/2/2017I have visited this facility before and have always had a positive experience    
9/2/2017Super fast, kind, and helpful. Always the first place I think of when I need a doc visit.    
9/2/2017Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!    
9/2/2017Very nice people! Pleasant experience!! ?    
9/2/2017All were very nice and helpful    
9/2/2017Excellent care as usual!!    
9/2/2017Friendly and quick.    
9/1/2017Staff very friendly and courteous. Showed concern will definitely recommend    
9/1/2017Staff was excellent!!!    
9/1/2017They are very nice at this clinic.    
9/1/2017Very friendly staff.    
8/31/2017Amazing doctors and staff!!    
8/31/2017Fast and friendly.    
8/31/2017Visiting from out of town and became ill, they were very nice at this facility.    
8/26/2017Everyone was professional and friendly. Service was fast too!    
8/26/2017Great care all the way around    
8/26/2017They were kind and caring and made me feel a lot better!    
8/25/2017Great team    
8/24/2017This was my first time here and everyone made me feel comfortable would definitely return! Great staff and speedy service ! Thank you    
8/24/2017Very clean and customer service friendly    
8/24/2017Best urgent care ever!    
8/23/2017Thank you for not having the tv stuck on Disney or something like that!    
8/23/2017The receptionist seems more interested in gossiping with coworker than being pleasant to receive customer.    
8/23/2017Very helpful and friendly staff!    
8/23/2017Very quick and friendly.    
8/22/2017Always great staff    
8/22/2017Great attention to detail. Really appreciate these folks!    
8/22/2017Very clean and caring staff    
8/22/2017You all are amazing... so kind, quick and thorough!    
8/21/2017Dr was very thorough in the examination and patiently answered my questions.    
8/21/2017Everyone very nice    
8/21/2017Fast and friendly    
8/21/2017Good and professional    
8/21/2017Ive been here several times and the service has always been fast, thorough and to my satisfaction. I will continue to use this location as needed    
8/21/2017Professional staff    
8/20/2017Friendly staff and they made my situation less awkward.    
8/20/2017Great , efficient service with friendly staff!    
8/20/2017Great service %26 experience!!    
8/20/2017Everything was great    
8/19/2017Thought it was a really nice place    
8/19/2017Everyone was kind and helpful    
8/19/2017Friendly staff    
8/19/2017It was nice    
8/17/2017Friendly staff    
8/17/2017It was a great experience to be a patient at MedSpring!    
8/17/2017The doctor was very nice also the assistants!