MedSpring Katy | Fry Rd. - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/17/2017The doctors and nurses %26 techs are always so attentive and caring!!! Theres a reason MedSpring is my first choice when my personal doc isnt available! ?    
8/17/2017Very fast and Friendly Staff    
8/16/2017Everyone here is always so kind and so helpful.    
8/16/2017Its nice to have a snack option.    
8/16/2017Its really fast and quick    
8/16/2017Very great care,,    
8/16/2017Very nice and friendly staff.    
8/16/2017Very professional and friendly stuff and clean office. Thanks    
8/15/2017Service was fast, use of technology was great (minus this screen protector), and having a tv in the room was a nice bonus. Well done.    
8/15/2017Blessing was a blessing :)    
8/14/2017Excellent care as always. Thank you!    
8/14/2017Thank you for taking us last minute    
8/13/2017Greet with a smile Please state when patient is left in room what to expect next. I did not know what to expect    
8/13/2017I like your facility and your staff was very nice, professional, and caring. Thanks MedSpring Katy    
8/13/2017Your billing system could be better.    
8/12/2017Everyone was very professional, helpful and were concern to making me feel better,    
8/12/2017Excellent fast care from great health care professionals    
8/11/2017Dr and the nurse were friendly and helpful    
8/11/2017Need water in fridge.    
8/11/2017Not coming back    
8/10/2017So glad MedSpring is back to taking my insurance.    
8/10/2017This place is great    
8/9/2017Fast easy service.    
8/9/2017It was awesome. Fast, great service.    
8/9/2017Speed of service was excellent. Provider was extremely nice, staff amazing!    
8/8/2017You should accept marketplace health plans. You are too high without insurance and have insurance    
8/8/2017Friendly and fast!    
8/7/2017Friendly, professional, and fast service. Exactly what Urgent care should be. Thank you!    
8/6/2017A good experience    
8/6/2017Great group. This is my second time here and Im impressed each time!    
8/6/2017Great service!    
8/6/2017Thorough exam with follow up culture to make sure right antibiotic really like that    
8/5/2017Great and friendly staff    
8/5/2017Great service, as always! My grandson loved having a tv in the room!    
8/5/2017The staff was excellent    
8/5/2017They are so caring and nice.    
8/5/2017Very helpful and professional service    
8/4/2017Very fast, very clean    
8/4/2017You were all awesome!    
8/3/2017The nurse was very kind and funny    
8/3/2017Wonderful ,friendly and helpful staff.    
8/2/2017Awesome nurses and doctors    
8/2/2017Everyone here is great! Very friendly and thorough, thank you!!    
8/2/2017Fast and friendly. Thanks    
8/2/2017Friendly staff, well informed, fast and quality service    
8/2/2017Great experience    
8/2/2017Had no wait time and everyone is very friendly.    
8/1/2017Great for sports physical. Minimal wait and good coffee.    
8/1/2017Great staff Great service    
8/1/2017I really like the service from all the staff    
8/1/2017Wonderful experience,,    
7/31/2017Very warm welcome, from front desk, will definitely come back here.    
7/31/2017Everything was great. Thank you for your assistance.    
7/31/2017Friendly and compassionate staff and doctors    
7/31/2017I sat down and watched shark week    
7/31/2017I shared with the doctor I requested additional tests several times at different visits. However, no one would schedule them. This made me feel unheard....    
7/31/2017Ice cream would be great..!    
7/31/2017It was great !    
7/31/2017More explanation from the dr    
7/31/2017Thank you so much great service    
7/30/2017Fantastic service    
7/30/2017Fast and friendly service,!    
7/30/2017Very fast    
7/28/2017Great staff.    
7/28/2017Thank you    
7/28/2017Thank you!!    
7/27/2017Everyone is very helpful    
7/26/2017Cant think of anything    
7/26/2017Nice ,friendly.    
7/26/2017This is our third year of coming here, would recommend to anyone.    
7/25/2017Family friend    
7/25/2017Received excellent service %26 care from the staff who took care of me . Highly recommend for general care.