MedSpring Keller - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/20/2017Thank you the waiting time was better than others places    
8/19/2017Took a while to be seen even with appointment    
8/19/2017Very helpful and professional.    
8/19/2017Everyone was courteous and helpful. Great care!    
8/19/2017I have never been disappointed in my visits to MedSpring. The staff is wonderful!    
8/19/2017It was great!    
8/18/2017Great staff very quick.    
8/18/2017Super fast!    
8/17/2017Awesome staff    
8/17/2017Great staff tonight    
8/17/2017Nurse was very warm. Dr. was kind %26 concerned. Took appropriate time.    
8/17/2017Staffs are friendly and clean place    
8/17/2017The place is awesome! Great staff, speedy, accurate, very friendly.    
8/16/2017Great customer service    
8/16/2017Great job. Quick and easy.    
8/16/2017It was a very fast and enjoyable experience. You cant even get this kind of service at a doctors office!! Thank you so much for everything    
8/15/2017People are super sweet    
8/15/2017Quick and painless    
8/15/2017Everyone was friendly, quick, and knowledgeable!    
8/15/2017Everything was great! Very friendly staff and clean facility!!!    
8/15/2017Great care    
8/15/2017Great staff    
8/14/2017Quality services    
8/13/2017* was very kind and professional    
8/13/2017Staff was great    
8/13/2017The facility is very nice. Everyone was very welcoming. Patient friendly facility and staff. I couldnt believe how quick I was taken back and seen. Good experience.    
8/13/2017The ladies today have been so kind and professional. Thank you so much!    
8/13/2017Web check in didnt work    
8/13/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful!    
8/13/2017Fast, friendly service. Very efficient. Thank!    
8/13/2017Great experience    
8/12/2017Outstanding service in every aspect of this visit    
8/12/2017Staff and facility all A    
8/12/2017The provider was a little abrupt and not as thorough in the examine as I have had in the past    
8/11/2017Great experience and great customer service!    
8/11/2017If possible, have your front desk ladies as reason for visit in the room. Very friendly staff!    
8/11/2017They got me in so quick! I couldnt believe how fast we were in and out!    
8/11/2017* was very helpful    
8/10/2017Dr took good care of me.    
8/10/2017Great care    
8/10/2017Great place. Great service.    
8/10/2017Treated promptly and cordially.    
8/10/2017Very nice and understanding    
8/9/2017it was good.    
8/9/2017It was great!    
8/9/2017Loved my doctor ?    
8/9/2017Quick,friendly,professional. Lots of things for kids to do while waiting....big plus!!    
8/9/2017Very friendly staff. No waiting. Staff very knowledgeable and helpful.    
8/9/2017Very nice personnel, very nice facility    
8/8/2017Wouldnt change anything    
8/8/2017Everyone is friendly , courteous %26 knowledgeable !    
8/6/2017Everyone was extremely nice and sensitive to me.    
8/6/2017Great staff!    
8/6/2017Great team and people friendly    
8/4/2017Dr is amazing! Took the time to explain everything while dressing my wound.    
8/4/2017Great doctor. nice to have coffee n snack    
8/4/2017It would be helpful if you can schedule appointments or call ahead or online sign in.    
8/4/2017Very nice, clean clinic and friendly staff.    
8/3/2017The waiting room in front was very hot    
8/3/2017Great provider and friendly staff    
8/2/2017Doctor and tech were very nice. Very attentive.    
8/2/2017Its always a pleasure coming here. Always have awesome staff    
8/2/2017Nice, clean and friendly staff. Was seen quickly, physician was nice and detailed.    
8/1/2017Doctor and nurses were very accommodating, nice and doctor explained everything in detail    
8/1/2017Dr and staff are always great thank you very much    
8/1/2017Everyone was very friendly and thorough    
8/1/2017Everyone was great    
8/1/2017Great staff    
8/1/2017Great staff %26 experience as always!    
8/1/2017Very fast and professional