MedSpring Kingwood - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Great staff. Very friendly and personable    
9/11/2017I work in medical field and this facility is clean, organized, kind staff. Very satisfied    
9/11/2017Just keep the good job!    
9/11/2017Just takes too long But doctor is wonderful    
9/11/2017Quick and well organized    
9/11/2017Thank you for letting us in at almost closing time!    
9/11/2017The entire staff are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly!    
9/11/2017Very friendly staff!!    
9/10/2017When I originally called in for information on a physical, the young lady I talked to seem to be irritated that I was asking questions about the physical    
9/10/2017You guys are the sweetest, thanks for speedy service!    
9/10/2017Great place    
9/10/2017Love the drinks and the Texans game on in the room    
9/10/2017Really liked the nurse practitioner on duty. She was polite, easy to talk with and patient.    
9/10/2017Thank you    
9/9/2017Everyone was very nice from check in to checkout    
9/9/2017Great medical service    
9/9/2017Great place    
9/9/2017Great service. Thank you for such good service when my son was sick    
9/9/2017I love the fact they had amazing customer service nice and loved the tv and nice couch for the patient or patients to sit on.    
9/9/2017Most amazing team??    
9/9/2017Very pleased    
9/8/2017Everybody is very nice and professional.    
9/8/2017Everything was great    
9/8/2017Great staff! Made me feel comfortable and explained everything about my visit!    
9/8/2017Great work, as always!    
9/8/2017Hardly any wait time. Great staff.    
9/8/2017Very polite and on task.    
9/7/2017Great doctors    
9/7/2017Make sure you bring * here and let me know when she is working again    
9/7/2017My favorite place to come! I rather come here than Pcp! Love the staff, always caring and mostly the same people. Love that stability.    
9/7/2017Thank you for giving me the care I needed.    
9/6/2017Great facility and professionals    
9/6/2017I cant think of anything at this time.    
9/6/2017Its frustrating that the clinic cant be reached by phone    
9/6/2017Quick and efficient! Thank you!    
9/6/2017Thank you we had a good experience    
9/6/2017You are amazing    
9/6/2017You guys have been great    
9/5/2017Very professional and friendly staff recommend to everyone    
9/5/2017Friendly staff    
9/5/2017Great nurse practitioner    
9/5/2017* was awesome. Nurses were spectacular.    
9/5/2017Staff was great and attentive    
9/4/2017Always friendly staff    
9/4/2017Doctor on staff was pleasant and knowledgeable    
9/4/2017Everyone was helpful.    
9/4/2017Great service and listened to all concerns and explained    
9/4/2017Once in the back service was fast. Nice to have coffee and juice in waiting room. Great staff. Will recommend    
9/4/2017Very professional    
9/4/2017Very professional treatment    
9/3/2017Everyone worked very hard today to take care of patients, in spite of the heavy volume due to the storms aftermath. It was greatly appreciated!    
9/3/2017Excellent staff and services    
9/3/2017Friendly staff made you very comfortable    
9/3/2017Give more accurate wait times    
9/3/2017Great experience. With all of the disaster going on they made you feel right at home. Amazing team!    
9/3/2017Like coming here    
9/3/2017Nice faculty    
9/3/2017Professional and friendly staff    
9/2/2017Great service.    
9/2/2017Kind and encouraging staff    
9/1/2017Ants in room    
9/1/2017My PA was amazing always making sure I was comfortable    
9/1/2017Very fast dr    
9/1/2017Very fast service    
9/1/2017Very nice facility and people    
8/25/2017Im m    
8/25/2017So fast! Thank you!    
8/25/2017Very nice    
8/25/2017* friendly,comforting,efficient,knowledgeable    
8/24/2017The entire staff was beyond amazing even in the midst of a local hurricane watch    
8/24/2017The staff is amazing. Very friendly.    
8/24/2017Whole experience was fantastic!    
8/24/2017Great experience    
8/24/2017Great job    
8/23/2017It was so fast and everyone was great!    
8/23/2017Staff welcoming and knowledgeable. Clean facility.    
8/23/2017Very good staff and doctor    
8/23/2017Very professional staff, worked a solution for my problem    
8/23/2017All ways a pleasant visit.    
8/23/2017Everyone was pleasant and informative    
8/22/2017Awesome quick on point    
8/22/2017Direct and to the point care without feeling rushed or ignored. By far the best urgent care facility I have been to.    
8/22/2017Expensive. But very comfortable, too.    
8/22/2017I always love how helpful the doctors are!    
8/22/2017The doctor is a funny guy    
8/22/2017Wait was a little long, but great experience!    
8/21/2017Excellent staff and doctor    
8/21/2017I waited five days to see someone, the wait here was worth it.    
8/21/2017Its a great facility    
8/21/2017The nurse that checked me in was very friendly !    
8/20/2017Always helpful! Thankyou    
8/20/2017It was very good    
8/20/2017Quick and efficient friendly    
8/20/2017This center is a God send. Thank you! Very satisfied on all accounts.    
8/20/2017You asked this before I payed?    
8/19/2017Excellent facility and staff.