MedSpring Kingwood - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/19/2017Great experience. Would come back again. Staff and facility are great.    
8/19/2017I dont live in the area but if know someone who does will    
8/19/2017My sister recommended MedSpring because of a visit she made here with a family member. He received excellent care and was spared a trip to the hospital because of the diagnosis and care he received here.    
8/19/2017The visit was great and staff and doctor were excellent. Lovely facility too.    
8/18/2017Doctor was informative and asked questions about past reactions    
8/18/2017Everyone was helpful nice and professional    
8/18/2017The doctor that actually took the earring out was AMAZING In so much ways , I cant stress enough.    
8/18/2017Very kind people from the moment I walked in the door    
8/17/2017Good doctor    
8/17/2017Good service, had no problems at all with anything, and excellent attention    
8/17/2017Great experience    
8/17/2017Poor doctors heard workers comp and decided to release me without asking how I feel    
8/17/2017The doorbell constantly going off is absolutely horrible, especially when you feel like crap.    
8/17/2017The staff are very friendly.    
8/16/2017Great friendly staff    
8/16/2017Great staff, Sharon is very friendly and welcoming!    
8/16/2017Loved the staff!    
8/16/2017Professional and kind. Addressed my concern.    
8/16/2017Very good service. Dr was very good as were all staff.    
8/15/2017It was great    
8/15/2017This place, the people, and the doctor are awesome. Thank you for everything!    
8/15/2017Very fast    
8/15/2017Doctor provided great service and I am leaving feeling confident I was in good hands. Thank you.    
8/15/2017Great experience and will return    
8/14/2017Everyone was very personal it made my experience better.    
8/14/2017* was so sweet and very kind and attended my needs.    
8/14/2017* was such a sweet young lady. Thanks    
8/14/2017Thank you for your care!!    
8/14/2017They are fantastic people!    
8/14/2017Very friendly staff    
8/13/2017* was so very kind    
8/13/2017That dr was hella sassy    
8/13/2017Very quick    
8/13/2017Great place    
8/12/2017Great service    
8/12/2017I like how Dr.dickson does his strep throut test.    
8/11/2017Great service    
8/11/2017The last 3 times at various times of the day Ive had to wait over 1.25 hours    
8/11/2017Very clean facility. Very friendly staff.    
8/11/2017Very nice and pleasant    
8/10/2017Staff were amazing    
8/10/2017I appreciate the thorough check and that the doctor takes time to discuss treatment or additional inquiries one may have    
8/9/2017Give them a raise    
8/9/2017Quick and easy    
8/9/2017We love the accessibility and the staff is great    
8/8/2017Excellent care and service    
8/8/2017* was a great person and Katherine made the experience painless    
8/8/2017The staff was very attentive and friendly    
8/8/2017There was old urine in the urinal which I didnt need my little one near.    
8/8/2017Very clean facility. The service was great.    
8/7/2017Really great service and knowledgeable staff    
8/7/2017Very pleasant also nice people work    
8/6/2017Everyone very nice and friendly    
8/6/2017Great experience    
8/6/2017Great offices. TV great. Great treatment    
8/6/2017Very good staff and doctor    
8/6/2017We are always greeted and treated so nicely. We come every year for physicals and will continue to do so.    
8/5/2017Worth the drive every time. We have closer places but none compare to this location.    
8/5/2017Awesome experience    
8/5/2017Discount for cash pay would have helped    
8/5/2017Great staff! No pun intended...    
8/5/2017The staff and medical personnel were very friendly and professional.    
8/5/2017Worth the drive every time. We have closer places but none compare to this location.