MedSpring Knox-Henderson - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
7/25/2017Great waiting areas and nice staff    
7/25/2017Thank u all    
7/23/2017A very good experience, thank you for your courtesy and service.    
7/23/2017Great customer service!    
7/23/2017Great experience    
7/23/2017Really enjoyed the staff    
7/23/2017* is awesome!    
7/23/2017Will definitely come here again. Very friendly and quick    
7/22/2017Friendly and quick staff!    
7/22/2017Insurance verification system doesnt confirm ins properly.    
7/22/2017Loved the doc and nurse. Made me feel comfortable. Nice to have all females today?    
7/22/2017The most fun Ive ever had at an urgent care facility :)    
7/22/2017Very speedy and knowledgeable.    
7/21/2017Everyone treats patients here with such kindness and a warm heart. Thank you all for all you do!    
7/21/2017Fast and convenient!    
7/21/2017Great service    
7/20/2017It was super quick    
7/20/2017Its always super fast    
7/20/2017Quick and easy. Inexpensive as well    
7/19/2017Booking an appointment online helped with speed of service    
7/19/2017The people are super, Ill be back for now on    
7/19/2017This is the third time Ive been here this year and 2 of the 3 times Ive been incorrectly told the charge. Ive already received one refund check for one visit.    
7/19/2017Yall are great!    
7/17/2017* is awesome    
7/15/2017* is awesome. Quick and great service, awesome staff! Always put a smile on my face!    
7/14/2017Always friendly    
7/14/2017Dr * is awesome    
7/14/2017Dr. * was very kind and considerate. I was very happy with her services    
7/14/2017Fast and efficient very friendly    
7/14/2017It was great    
7/14/2017Love this location.    
7/14/2017Outstanding experience, thank you very much!    
7/11/2017Great team    
7/11/2017Process was easy and fast! Everyone was very friendly    
7/11/2017Quick friendly knowledgeable    
7/11/2017Thanks for getting me well    
7/11/2017Very efficient with time and friendly staff.    
7/10/2017Best experience Ive ever had! Thank you!    
7/10/2017Everyone was extremely pleasant.    
7/10/2017Nice staff    
7/9/2017Quick and easy, thanks    
7/8/2017Staff did amazing as they always do at this location. Thank you