MedSpring Lakeview - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Fast and easy overall good experience    
9/11/2017Fast, friendly, and efficient.    
9/11/2017I am thrilled to be in and out so quickly!    
9/11/2017It was easy to fit this appointment in after work. Thank you!    
9/11/2017This place ROCKS!!!    
9/11/2017Very friendly people that made it easy.    
9/11/2017Very friendly staff!    
9/10/2017Very friendly and helpful!    
9/10/2017Staff are very friendly    
9/9/2017EXCELLENT BUT REALLY HATE YOUR CORP TABLETS YOU ARE making patients fill out    
9/9/2017Need IM penicillin on site    
9/9/2017Nice people    
9/8/2017Fast service    
9/8/2017* was the best. Very considerate and comforting. Dr. * was also really great.    
9/8/2017Nice and quick    
9/8/2017Nurse was a little dismissive of my concerns. He made me feel stupid for coming in.    
9/8/2017Todays staff was perfect    
9/8/2017Very attentive and professional. Thank you.    
9/8/2017When I arrived and gave my insurance card and Id. I waited for ten minutes before I was told that you do not accept my insurance. That should have been stated as I handed my card over.    
9/7/2017Everyone was very friendly!    
9/7/2017Friendly staff and quick    
9/6/2017Everyone was very nice.    
9/6/2017This place is always quick, efficient and has the nicest staff!    
9/4/2017Dr is the best and his previous referral led to me getting care for a chronic disease that gone undiagnosed for ten years. Im doing so much better now. Hes the best!    
9/4/2017Great experience. Quick and kidfriendly.    
9/4/2017Thank you for the quick yet professional care.    
9/2/2017Nice no clean keep working hard to help your patients    
9/1/2017Everyone was friendly and professional... overall great experience. Will definitely come back here should I need to In the future!    
9/1/2017Friendly staff. Very comfortable experience.    
9/1/2017Great experience overall, very attentive and caring staff.    
9/1/2017I was told by my insurance provider that this location was covered in my plan but when I arrived MedSpring does not accept my insurance. Better communication with insurance providers on types of coverage is accepted should take place.    
8/31/2017Fast service    
8/31/2017Speedy service and kind stuff!    
8/31/2017Thank you for your kindness, compassion and care! You all rock!!    
8/31/2017Turn up the heat. Its cold in here. Otherwise, all good!    
8/31/2017Very fast and efficient.    
8/31/2017Would definitely return!    
8/30/2017The staff was extremely personable and friendly.    
8/30/2017Doctor was very pleasant and efficient    
8/30/2017Good experience!    
8/29/2017Great experience!    
8/29/2017Great facility and great staff! I can always rely on MedSpring when I am sick.    
8/29/2017Great service and facility!    
8/29/2017Im happy with the experience    
8/29/2017.. thank you!    
8/29/2017Very friendly and professional staff.    
8/28/2017I though the whole process was great. Super easy and I was well taken care of. All doctors, nurses, and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable    
8/28/2017The staff were all very friendly and kind. This is also a comforting space. Grateful to have a place like this so close to my home.    
8/26/2017We appreciate the friendly and helpful staff.    
8/25/2017I appreciate the helpful medical care on short notice.    
8/25/2017The nurses were great! Very friendly.    
8/25/2017Always a good experience    
8/24/2017Very nice people!    
8/24/2017I peed in a cup. It was a success!    
8/24/2017Love this place. Andrea the nurse. Dr Aldi and Isabella are great. Always well cared for and prescribed as needed    
8/24/2017Love this place. Come here any time I have an issue. Everyone takes great care of me    
8/24/2017Nice place and staff    
8/24/2017Nicest urgent care Ive been in, but pretty slow    
8/22/2017Always quick, fast and friendly care.    
8/22/2017Everyone was very helpful and friendly    
8/22/2017Everyone was very personable!    
8/22/2017Wonderful service.    
8/21/2017Gave me a reason to buy elbow pads. Beginning skateboarding you need to protect yourself    
8/21/2017Great professional staff    
8/21/2017Really positive experience for something that could be very negative. Pleasant, friendly and helpful    
8/21/2017There should be back up soap in the bathroom.    
8/20/2017Amazing staff. Quality service.    
8/20/2017Great help and responsive    
8/20/2017Great service. Good listeners.    
8/20/2017Professional and great care    
8/19/2017Everyone was very nice and helpful    
8/19/2017Super friendly staff!    
8/18/2017Easy sign in and pleasant staff    
8/18/2017Great experience    
8/18/2017Great experience, friendly knowledge staff, definitely would recommend to others!    
8/18/2017Great experience. Will come again when/if sick    
8/18/2017Great resource and experience!    
8/18/2017Great service    
8/18/2017Very comfortable and friendly environment.    
8/17/2017Great experience    
8/17/2017Great service!!    
8/17/2017Very thorough just a little slower than expected for the middle of the day    
8/17/2017Was a pleasant trip    
8/16/2017Great, quick care    
8/15/2017Everyone was very helpful    
8/14/2017Absolutely fantastic thank you ?    
8/14/2017Doctor was amazing.    
8/14/2017Everyone was great!    
8/14/2017Excellent staff! Very helpful and caring    
8/14/2017I loved everyone who helped take part in my medical needs today. Tiffany, The tech who took my XRays was the highlight of this visit!    
8/13/2017Paramedic was awesome    
8/13/2017Thank you for your professional care. Everyone was great.    
8/13/2017Been here a few times now and the service is always great.    
8/13/2017Everyone was very professional. Good experience.    
8/12/2017Everybody has a great sense of humor concerning very gross things. Thanks for all your help.    
8/12/2017I liked the doctors thoroughness and he had a great bedside manner.