MedSpring Lakeview - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/12/2017Its a great convenient option with good solid service and nice people    
8/12/2017Staff was nice, efficient, and thorough.    
8/11/2017Always a great experience. Staff and doctor are so very nice.    
8/11/2017Always great here!    
8/11/2017Doctor was hot but married :(    
8/11/2017Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful!    
8/11/2017Everyone was great    
8/11/2017Great staff, very positive and supportive .    
8/11/2017I was in and out very quick. Very good service    
8/11/2017Thank you for everything. Love the clean facility and friendly service.    
8/11/2017Very helpful and honest    
8/10/2017Been here twice within a year and enjoyed each visit. Great atmosphere and easy to locate from any direction.    
8/10/2017Everyone was so lovely and nice. It made me feel comfortable and safe, and I appreciate that.    
8/10/2017Fast, and much more comfortable than most other doctors offices Ive been to.    
8/10/2017I brought a three year old and a one year old with me which can be a disaster. The fact that there was kids stuff in the waiting room and patient room was great!!!    
8/10/2017Very good service    
8/9/2017Great care!    
8/9/2017* is great    
8/8/2017Couldnt have been easier. Thanks    
8/8/2017Each time I come, it is a very good experience    
8/8/2017Everything was great    
8/8/2017Pretty good. Glad my insurance covers.    
8/8/2017Quick and professional! Thanks!    
8/8/2017Very nice facility and easy process    
8/6/2017Everyone is ALWAYS great here so we keep coming back    
8/6/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful.    
8/6/2017Everything great. And very fast Thank you!    
8/6/2017I hope it works, Im here for a short visit.    
8/6/2017I think the provider was good but not that experienced with peds    
8/5/2017Bomb doctors office    
8/5/2017Friendly and professional    
8/5/2017Give these people a raise    
8/5/2017Its really clean and the service is GREAT    
8/5/2017Really wonderful experience here!    
8/5/2017Stood in line for over 10 minutes for first time ever with one person ahead of me but not so bad. For the friendliness and level of care its worth it.    
8/5/2017The entire staff from the moment I walked in were extremely friendly and helpful    
8/5/2017Way too many steps to check in. The UI has more clicks than needed. Clunky address entry. I was bleeding from a deep cut on my finger and had to go through a cumbersome input form    
8/4/2017Everyone here was extremely friendly and helpful. Ive never had such nice medical care at an urgent care center. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.