MedSpring Las Colinas - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Always quick and professional.    
9/11/2017Awesome staff    
9/11/2017Great experience. Very informative and knowledgeable. Answered all questions with understanding    
9/11/2017Great service. Thank you    
9/11/2017Love this place and especially the assistant and PA. Thanks.    
9/9/2017Fastest visit ever    
9/9/2017Friendly people. Very nice Dr who took time and a staff that was sympathetic and quick    
9/9/2017Good service!    
9/9/2017It was nice to be away from home and have the doctor listen to me    
9/9/2017Staff was super friendly and efficient. Physician really did put us at ease. Thank you    
9/9/2017Very informative, great service!    
9/8/2017Excellent costumer service, extremely clean facility    
9/8/2017It was a first time experience. I was a little confused with how the drug test goes but everyone was really nice and explained everything that I had questions on.    
9/8/2017Thank you for making a difficult day better    
9/8/2017Very nice staff and office    
9/7/2017All personnel were friendly and helpful!    
9/7/2017Excellent service. Friendly staff.    
9/7/2017Super friendly and comfortable experience    
9/7/2017They were very professional and friendly handled in a timely manner    
9/7/2017Very professional and polite staff    
9/6/2017Assistant was very friendly n guided well.    
9/6/2017Both nurses were great!    
9/6/2017Everyone was extremely warm and accommodating    
9/6/2017Great job very patient friendly    
9/6/2017Great service and friendly staff!!    
9/6/2017Helpful, quick and attentive experience    
9/6/2017I liked that the staff was awesome with my son. Everyone is so friendly here!    
9/6/2017* had a winning attitude! Great personality!    
9/6/2017* is on time and great job so passionate to work would recommend for others    
9/6/2017* was outstanding and had a great attitude. Thank you    
9/6/2017* was super awesome an friendly    
9/6/2017No complaints. Everyone was polite and professional.    
9/6/2017Shesuch a sweet heart very friendly so was the lady in the front    
9/6/2017The nurses and doctor were awesome!    
9/6/2017Very friendly and fast service    
9/5/2017Very grateful by all the personal care    
9/5/2017Very helpful staff    
9/5/2017Very quick and professional service    
9/5/2017Always fast news friendly!    
9/5/2017Doctor was Awesome! He made sure I was well informed and really listened to everything I had to say! Definitely will come back    
9/5/2017Everyone was really nice!    
9/5/2017Great experience. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.    
9/4/2017Great experience overall    
9/4/2017I liked that I was in and out quickly. The Dr. and staff were great!!    
9/4/2017Lots of paperwork at the beginning    
9/4/2017Thank you so much for taking your time and making me feel important.    
9/4/2017They are great    
9/4/2017This people are so nice very good staff    
9/3/2017Appreciate all the wonderful staff. Thanks!    
9/3/2017Doctor was very nice but seemed rushed    
9/3/2017Great employees. Highly recommend.    
9/3/2017Great experience for me even with the pain. Great staff everyone was welcoming and knowledgeable.    
9/3/2017It was excellent    
9/3/2017Very friendly very quick very good job    
9/2/2017Nice,clean,courteous facility. Speed and efficiency was impressive.    
9/2/2017Quick and easy    
9/2/2017Quick, easy, and helpful.    
9/2/2017Staff was great! They were very nice and took good care of me. Very enjoyable visit!    
9/2/2017Thanks for being open and helping me    
9/2/2017The staff is very efficient and kind    
9/2/2017Very attentive and professional. Clean facility.    
9/2/2017Always great experience when I come here!    
9/2/2017Always helpful and cheerful very understanding and empathetic of the situation    
9/1/2017Staff were all wonderful and treated my son like their own    
9/1/2017The staff was all so friendly no my kids loved the snacks! Thank you!    
9/1/2017Very nice experience    
9/1/2017Very prompt friendly and best of all QUICK????    
8/31/2017Everyone is great!    
8/31/2017Everyone was very nice.    
8/31/2017Fast, kind...I really enjoyed the service    
8/31/2017It was great. Affordable convent fast and super friendly. If I have to get help I will be back.    
8/31/2017It was very quick and easy    
8/31/2017Keep up the good service    
8/31/2017Kindness and Thanks .. Job well done    
8/31/2017Overall good just waited a while.    
8/31/2017The team was caring and efficient. Great customer service and very relatable.    
8/30/2017I love coming here.    
8/30/2017Thank you for your services Dr. Oei was great    
8/30/2017The doctor on duty was very patient and she made me feel comfortable.    
8/30/2017Very good    
8/29/2017Every thing was good    
8/29/2017Had a wonderful experience here.    
8/28/2017Everyone is nice and friendly ??    
8/28/2017It was great    
8/28/2017See previous response    
8/28/2017They got me in 2 mins before closing.    
8/28/2017Very clean and professional! Never disappointed when I come in!    
8/28/2017Very nice people they licen    
8/28/2017Very sweet staff and prompt service and accommodated me to the best of there ability I definitely would recommend a friend overall great    
8/27/2017Everything was great, quick and very caring    
8/27/2017Friendly and fast    
8/27/2017Good customer service , really nice people    
8/27/2017Great visit.    
8/27/2017It Is hard to find check In on the website