MedSpring Las Colinas - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/27/2017Nice staff    
8/27/2017The staff was very attentive and efficient. Excellent quality of care. Staff were awesome.    
8/27/2017Very good experience    
8/26/2017Amazing customer service. Thanks again    
8/26/2017Very quick and helpful service. Definitely would recommend this location.    
8/25/2017Great service, very nice and professional staff    
8/25/2017It was awesome!    
8/25/2017So sweet    
8/25/2017The staff is awesome and very friendly    
8/25/2017Thorough and fast service!    
8/25/2017Very quick visit.    
8/25/2017Best one yet    
8/25/2017Everything was great!    
8/25/2017Everything went great    
8/25/2017Fast service and friendly    
8/24/2017Speedy service and a great staff    
8/24/2017You guys did great    
8/24/2017Staff were all wonderful and treated me and my lil dude with kindness and care.    
8/24/2017Great goldfish    
8/24/2017I was attended quickly and efficiently    
8/24/2017Loved it!    
8/23/2017Good work environment , positive staff    
8/23/2017Great place    
8/23/2017Staff was very friendly    
8/23/2017Was great    
8/22/2017Dr. * and * were amazing. I freakin love this place    
8/22/2017Excellent service    
8/22/2017Fast, easy, no problem.    
8/22/2017Great staff    
8/22/2017* was amazing, as always! She placed my ppd without any pain. She was thorough, helpful and so nice! Cant wait to come back!    
8/22/2017Orkin in sight    
8/22/2017Staff is very nice very professional would highly recommend    
8/22/2017Very great customer service    
8/22/2017Very nice and efficient staff; clean environment and I hope to complete any future employment drug testing at this facility.    
8/22/2017Very professional and polite.    
8/22/2017Wait times    
8/21/2017Dr. * and nurse gave excellent customer service!    
8/21/2017Fast r    
8/21/2017Friendly and efficient    
8/21/2017Good service and nice staff!    
8/21/2017Great service!    
8/21/2017I was very satisfied with tiffany I will definitely come back if I need to come back for a check up    
8/21/2017Its good    
8/21/2017Its was clean, fast and the staff was very friendly!!    
8/21/2017Nice place    
8/21/2017The nurse was exceptional    
8/21/2017The Staff was great, very professional and personable.    
8/21/2017They have free coffee loved it    
8/21/2017Very professional experience and friendly staff    
8/21/2017We had to wait too long    
8/20/2017Awesome service! Speedy    
8/20/2017* was great and the dr too    
8/20/2017Was only scared of the needle for a little bit.    
8/19/2017Very efficient and professional    
8/19/2017Wonderful, caring staff    
8/19/2017Nice and clean.    
8/19/2017People are really nice and it was fast.    
8/19/2017She was great    
8/19/2017Staff was very helpful.    
8/19/2017The receptionist was amazing, she distracted my son who was very cranky    
8/18/2017Doc was quick and thorough:)    
8/18/2017Dr. * And * were all great    
8/17/2017Great quick visit and friendly staff. Thank you    
8/17/2017Great staff    
8/17/2017Great staff clean lobby, no door bumpers    
8/17/2017It was quick and didnt cause me any problems    
8/17/2017It was very nice thank you for the very good service    
8/17/2017My doctor was so kind, and I didnt feel my shot!