MedSpring Memorial Houston - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/26/2017Fabulous service    
8/24/2017The staff here is fantastic great job Stephanie    
8/24/2017Every thing was good    
8/24/2017Everything was great. Thank you for such awesome friendly and fast care.    
8/24/2017Feels like my personal doctor. Very kind and great service.    
8/24/2017I feel very comfortable with the staff.    
8/24/2017I love the staff at this location. Ive come here for years and they make myself and my family feel comfortable every time!    
8/23/2017Excellent service!    
8/23/2017Shorter wait time.    
8/23/2017The experience was awesome. Thank you sharonda and stephanie    
8/23/2017The wait can be better at the reception.    
8/22/2017Fast but also quality medical care!    
8/22/2017I really appreciate the energy nod professionalism of the Doctor and staff    
8/22/2017Overcharged when I was in last week. Would like to have been able to settle up this time , but told I would have to call about it.    
8/21/2017Fast and easy! Thanks!    
8/21/2017Great always!    
8/21/2017Great workers and quick service.    
8/21/2017They are very nice and have good hot chocolate    
8/20/2017Check in easy and quick, with no wait!    
8/20/2017Everyone is very friendly and efficient.    
8/20/2017No everything was great    
8/20/2017The ladies took great care of me.    
8/20/2017They were very kind loved the service    
8/19/2017A customer service rep told me out a coupon on your websitevery helpful!    
8/19/2017Best urgent care Ive ever been to!! Fast clean and professional!    
8/19/2017The tablet questions at checking are way too long. Should not have to answer NO to all possible health issues. It should be YES if applicable. Would make it much faster    
8/19/2017The tech is really nice and patient with me.    
8/18/2017Easy and very quick no hassle or wait    
8/18/2017Glad we came here!    
8/18/2017Nice and clean    
8/18/2017Very friendly    
8/17/2017Great service    
8/17/2017Love the NFL network    
8/17/2017Prices are extremely high.....for self pay......    
8/17/2017So fast. Thanks!    
8/17/2017The check in questions assume the patient is ill. If the questions start with if you are ill or here for a physical, no need to answer all the ill questions if you are here for a physical.    
8/17/2017Very friendly    
8/16/2017Awesome service very friendly    
8/16/2017Great experience. Ive already told my friends to get their kids physicals here.    
8/15/2017Staff was awesome in solving my ear problems!!    
8/15/2017Easy, smooth, friendly and competent treatment!    
8/15/2017Everyone was very friendly!    
8/15/2017Great staff    
8/14/2017I signed in and the receptionist stated no record of my 03/2017 visit. I was concerned...    
8/14/2017Quick and easy!    
8/14/2017Staff is always amazing!! %26 professional?    
8/14/2017Wait time was longer than expected but it was very clean    
8/13/2017We always have the best experience here at MedSpring. I LOVE the fact that physicals are cheap all year long!!! I didnt know that until today. So very nice and convenient!!!    
8/13/2017Fast and very helpful    
8/12/2017Excellent physician actually did a real physical will come see her in the future    
8/12/2017Good people very helpful    
8/12/2017It was done very well. Hannah made it easy.    
8/11/2017Everyone was wonderful! Excellent care!    
8/11/2017Excellent staff! Very efficient    
8/11/2017No issues!    
8/11/2017Very helpful very nice    
8/11/2017You were all great    
8/10/2017Fast and friendly service!    
8/10/2017Fast, thorough and knowledgeable    
8/10/2017Very efficient front counter lady name sharonda very polite and friendly    
8/10/2017Very friendly    
8/10/2017Very kind people here!    
8/9/2017Great experience    
8/9/2017Loved that the staff remembered us    
8/9/2017Too expensive!    
8/9/2017Very thankful for the service    
8/8/2017Always a wonderful experience.    
8/8/2017Everyone was very nice. The price was a lot and hopefully I can afford it.    
8/8/2017Nice staff very professional    
8/8/2017The staff was so welcoming    
8/8/2017Very friendly and professional    
8/8/2017Very friendly staff were welcoming at a late hour. Twelveyearold patient says    
8/7/2017Fast and great service! Thanks !    
8/7/2017Very kind and friendly staff    
8/7/2017Very patient and kind staff all the way around    
8/6/2017Nice doctors, very understanding, make you feel like family    
8/5/2017Great staff... very professional and courteous!!!    
8/5/2017Staff is very nice and patient!    
8/4/2017Awesome, friendly staff!    
8/4/2017Friendly staff!    
8/4/2017Great place!!!    
8/4/2017Great staff!    
8/4/2017Reception could be a little more polite.    
8/4/2017Very quick Thank You    
8/3/2017Very professional and fast care.