MedSpring Memorial Houston - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/3/2017Great care, thanks!    
8/3/2017Staff was nice and helpful and very courteous.    
8/2/2017Great experience    
8/2/2017Great service friendly staff    
8/2/2017I had a pleasant experience    
8/2/2017No, everything was great and the staff is magnificent in assisting me    
8/2/2017The workers are very nice and professional    
8/2/2017This was great! A friend recommended this MedSpring. So close to home, appointment was on time, lovely people and facility!    
8/1/2017All Good    
8/1/2017Always a pleasure coming here:)    
8/1/2017Always a good experience    
8/1/2017Excellent customer service!!!    
8/1/2017Fast and good service every time    
8/1/2017I could not ask for better care    
8/1/2017It was very fast and friendly    
8/1/2017The staff is very nice..    
7/31/2017Very fast    
7/31/2017Very nice people:)    
7/31/2017Very well run facility!    
7/31/2017I wish you offered phlebotomy lab work    
7/31/2017Love it here. Great staff    
7/30/2017Great service!    
7/30/2017Very nice staff....enjoyable experience despite the circumstances    
7/30/2017Very satisfied    
7/29/2017Just if the nurse practitioner slows down a little bit to make your appointment more personal. The clinic was empty, so no rush needed. Overall she seems well prepared.    
7/29/2017Love it here quick clean service! Thank you    
7/29/2017This was a very comforting experience. I felt confident in the providers knowledge    
7/28/2017Fast and throughout    
7/28/2017Love this place!    
7/28/2017Quick, efficient care.    
7/27/2017Great place to come get help    
7/27/2017S seamless    
7/27/2017The place was very clean!    
7/27/2017Dont change anything!    
7/27/2017Great attitude and quick, knowledgeable, convenient medical attention    
7/27/2017Great experience!    
7/26/2017Quick and easy    
7/25/2017Excellent staff    
7/25/2017Im glad you all are here.    
7/25/2017Very nice organization    
7/25/2017Very quick and kind as always!    
7/24/2017Excellent care    
7/24/2017Good service    
7/24/2017It was great and you have amazing workers!! I really love coming here when I feel sick!! Thank you for everything!     
7/24/2017My doctor was very nice    
7/24/2017Quick and easy.    
7/24/2017Thank you for your quick and thorough care!    
7/23/2017Staff was very good and user friendly . No issues.    
7/23/2017Staff was very good and user friendly . No issues.