MedSpring Midtown Houston - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Everyone was kind and service was efficient    
9/11/2017Great experience    
9/11/2017Very friendly staff    
9/11/2017You ladies were very great, so nice!    
9/10/2017Great experience    
9/10/2017It could be a little warmer    
9/10/2017Staff was very welcoming    
9/8/2017Do not change nothing to your kindness, welcome and efficiency : thats perfect !    
9/8/2017Fast and friendly!    
9/8/2017Great job    
9/8/2017* and the rest of the staff were great. Would recommend and will be back if I do something dumb again. Thanks!    
9/8/2017Quick and professional    
9/8/2017* and * were great in patient care and knowledge. They made my visit delightful.    
9/8/2017Thank you!    
9/8/2017The staff is very nice    
9/7/2017Fantastic service.    
9/7/2017Great service! I came here because it came highly recommended by a friend and it did not disappoint    
9/7/2017The doctor was great, as well as the staff. I will be returning.    
9/6/2017Excellent service!    
9/6/2017Great service. I would highly recommend this office.    
9/5/2017Very fast and friendly!    
9/4/2017Great staff    
9/4/2017Would like to know cost upfront    
9/3/2017Great and friendly staff    
9/3/2017* was really nice and helpful. I appreciate her being cautious about my allergy in prescribing medication. I will definitely refer her and the staff to others. Thank you for helping me today, it is priceless to have someone care    
9/3/2017Super friendly nice place    
9/2/2017Great experience. No problems whatsoever    
9/2/2017Great staff and excellent care.    
9/2/2017Made an appointment online ..Got in quickly to see the doctor. Very impressed. Thank you very much.    
9/2/2017Everything is great    
9/1/2017Great !!!    
8/31/2017Everyone was very kind and attentive    
8/31/2017Print out info on shots given    
8/30/2017Treatment was better than anything in our former city. Really impressed    
8/29/2017Excellent care    
8/29/2017My 2nd visit. I dont get sick too often but from now on when I do, I will come here.    
8/29/2017Thank you so much for being open today!    
8/29/2017Very efficient and friendly    
8/29/2017Very fast and friendly service. No written forms to fill out, yay! And they have refreshments! I will definitely be coming back!    
8/26/2017Amazing support even during storm, thank you    
8/26/2017I m sooooo pleased to know there is n Urgent Care near me that really cares and are very professional and fast thank you solo much Keep up the genuine work    
8/25/2017Overall very clean, quick and good environment    
8/25/2017They were on time and had smiles on their faces early this morning. Yes !    
8/25/2017Awesome Staff    
8/24/2017They were so patient with me when I couldnt pee for the tests even when they were closed! Highly recommended    
8/24/2017Allis ok    
8/24/2017Great clinic. Best in Houston!    
8/24/2017Great experience all around    
8/23/2017Everything was great thanks    
8/23/2017Thank you for your help    
8/22/2017Went very smoothly    
8/21/2017Nice people!    
8/20/2017It was great    
8/20/2017This is the best urgent care I have ever experienced. They always provide excellent and professional service. Love them    
8/19/2017Fast getting seen %26 very nice staff    
8/18/2017Like the fact that they have refreshments while you wait. Your able to watch tv while wait. Very comfortable here. Thank you for your hospitality.    
8/18/2017It was a wonderful experience.    
8/17/2017Nice employees, very hospitable, overall good experience.    
8/16/2017All good    
8/16/2017Best Service    
8/16/2017Everyone was nice    
8/16/2017Everything was great    
8/16/2017On point    
8/15/2017Great, friendly service    
8/15/2017It was great    
8/15/2017Its very quick great service nice staff will be back if needed    
8/14/2017Everyone was helpful and friendly    
8/14/2017The staff is outstanding: polite, professional, patient and caring.    
8/12/2017Thank you for being so thorough and helpful    
8/12/2017Thank you!    
8/12/2017Very clean    
8/11/2017Awesome staff and provider. Excellent care!    
8/11/2017Very nice staff    
8/10/2017Excellent facility staff is competent and doctor has great bedside manner    
8/10/2017Fast and nice staff    
8/10/2017I hated how long the I pad questionnaire took upon arrival. Too many questions( paperless should mean easier and faster . Not the other way around    
8/9/2017The doctor and staff were excellent and very helpful.    
8/9/2017Very concerned. Great experience    
8/8/2017Very quick and easy.    
8/8/2017Dr. * was amazing and makes me feel comfortable the entire time Im here.    
8/8/2017They were all wonderful and helpful!    
8/6/2017Everyone was great!    
8/6/2017Fantastic folks    
8/6/2017Great Care option when you cant get to your regular doctor.    
8/6/2017Great service    
8/5/2017Quick service no wait    
8/5/2017Really nice people    
8/3/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful    
8/3/2017Tablet does not work well and is annoying    
8/2/2017Dr. * is amazing!!    
8/2/2017Excellent service and personnel    
8/2/2017Great team of professionals