MedSpring Midtown Houston - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/2/2017It was a very efficient procedure.    
8/2/2017Nice and fast great service    
8/2/2017Quick , and incredibly helpful. Addressing the issue in a timely manner and giving relief to the problem    
8/1/2017Everyone was very helpful.    
8/1/2017I liked the snacks as well as my children.    
8/1/2017Keep up the hard work.    
8/1/2017Very good experience    
7/31/2017Everything was great.    
7/31/2017There was no wait!    
7/28/2017Wonderful staff!    
7/27/2017Fast and friendly service.    
7/27/2017Friendly staff    
7/26/2017Very fast    
7/26/2017Very nice staff    
7/26/2017Very professional and friendly. Love the location    
7/24/2017Every thing is perfect!    
7/24/2017Just keep up the good work    
7/24/2017Quick inout visit.goodinfo    
7/24/2017Very quick and helpful!!    
7/23/2017Excellent way to go    
7/23/2017The fact I have    
7/22/2017The service was quick and very calming!    
7/21/2017The physician that cared for me was very tentative and explained the process and medicine that was administered to me. I would come again if needed.    
7/21/2017They were all wonderful!    
7/20/2017Everybody was very nice and explained everything very thoroughly    
7/20/2017Feel a little unclear on what is wrong with me. Intern type dr    
7/20/2017Great friendly staff    
7/20/2017Just want to say this is my second visit to this location. I was very happy with the cleanliness of the facility and the employees/doctors professionalism.    
7/19/2017A black female doctor very proud of her    
7/19/2017Great experience    
7/19/2017* and the staff are awesome Love this place!!!    
7/19/2017Very easy and quick.    
7/18/2017Fast processing and diagnosis. Provider explained my condition and treatment options. Thx!    
7/16/2017This is my first visit here and I loved how I was taken care of. The staff made me feel much better than how I felt before walking in. I would like to thank you for having this business open till late. Keep up the good work, I will recommend this place.    
7/15/2017All of the staff was professional and friendly    
7/15/2017This is the nicest urgent care Ive ever been to. Staff was very friendly and helpful    
7/14/2017Very helpful. Thank you.    
7/14/2017Very quick without compromising care.    
7/13/2017Great service    
7/13/2017People are very nice    
7/12/2017Good service very nice    
7/11/2017Very quick service    
7/10/2017Best urgent care I have received    
7/10/2017Fast, friendly and efficient!    
7/9/2017Knowledgeable staff quickly diagnosed my problem.    
7/8/2017Great and fast attention    
7/8/2017Great staff and doctor.    
7/8/2017Staff was friendly and PA was excellent knowledgeable thorough and courteous    
7/8/2017Very professional. I was impressed    
7/8/2017Was great    
7/7/2017Everything was great!    
7/7/2017First time. Wonderful    
7/7/2017Very pleasant,polite.thank you!    
7/6/2017No wait at all! Great service!!    
7/5/2017Fast, friendly, very helpful.    
7/5/2017Great job, great people.    
7/4/2017Great staff always efficient service.    
7/4/2017Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.    
7/3/2017It was fast, efficient, convenient, friendly, and overall amazing!    
7/3/2017* is the best and very caring and understanding ... Explains everything and makes me welcome ...    
7/1/2017Everything was great. Fastest appointment maybe ever.    
7/1/2017Great staff. Thanks !    
6/30/2017It is quite warm in this office, too warm for a hot summer day    
6/30/2017Very friendly and super quick    
6/30/2017Very nice staff