MedSpring Naperville - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Always 100% good    
9/11/2017Excellent detail, professional, thorough    
9/11/2017Great staff %26 customer service...just a longer wait than Id expected considering Id made an appointment.    
9/10/2017Very pleasant and knowledgeable    
9/10/2017We thought the staff was excellent    
9/10/2017Great service and very good and professional! I will refer everyone I know.    
9/10/2017I have been a RN for over 20 years, I find the staff to be fantastic!!!    
9/10/2017Professional and compassionate staff.    
9/9/2017Everything was perfect    
9/9/2017* made my experience wonderful. She was very patient and efficient.    
9/9/2017Thank You    
9/9/2017This was my first visit, and I will definitely be back for any future urgent care visits!    
9/7/2017A Staff and doctors always nice    
9/7/2017Everyone was so welcoming!    
9/5/2017Very quick, nice facility. Kid friendly in exam rooms is awesome.    
9/5/2017Phone lines were down! Contact was not available to inquire about clinic and questions!    
9/4/2017Everyone was extremely nice and helpful!    
9/4/2017Everyone was kind and helpful!    
9/4/2017It was great    
9/4/2017Receptionist was awesome. Very friendly and accommodating.    
9/4/2017Very friendly staff, made me feel very comfortable.    
9/2/2017Great facility. Friendly staff    
9/2/2017My experience today was excellent.    
9/2/2017Professional friendly staff! Very positive experience.    
9/2/2017A bit of a wait but maybe understandable given the walk in nature of MedSpring    
9/1/2017Drs and nurses have always been wonderful every time my family has come in. Thank you    
9/1/2017I absolutely love this office and the staff!    
8/31/2017We discovered this facility a few years , have been very pleased, and will be coming back.    
8/29/2017Everyone was so friendly, helpful, and effective!!    
8/29/2017Excellent staff.    
8/28/2017Terrific people All of them!    
8/28/2017Very nice staff    
8/27/2017Everyone was extremely nice, and knowledgeable. I appreciate their attentiveness. Thank you.    
8/27/2017It was awesome!    
8/26/2017Awesome staff    
8/26/2017Everything was great. Change nothing please.    
8/25/2017This is one of the best centers I have been into. Staff took time and explain everything to me and he took his time to answer all my question. Thank you    
8/25/2017Always so helpful and nice    
8/24/2017Staff was great and so nice. Appreciated snacks and kids table in exam room.    
8/24/2017Wonderful time here Thank you!    
8/24/2017Everyone here is extremely friendly. Thank you for helping us in a timely manner.    
8/24/2017Everyone was friendly and helpful. In and out quick too!    
8/24/2017Great, friendly, thanks    
8/24/2017Quick, pleasant professional. Thank you    
8/23/2017The staff did a great job    
8/23/2017Thanks so much    
8/23/2017The registration process was tedious no redundant (paper form AND tablet software asking 1on1 questions that were the same)    
8/23/2017All good thank you    
8/22/2017I appreciated being invited to ask questions, and the cheerful, courteous staff.    
8/22/2017Loved the snacks %26 drinks    
8/22/2017Nice work    
8/22/2017This place is awesome. Staff is incredible, facility is immaculate, and the fastest service Ive ever had. So glad I chose this place!    
8/22/2017Very fast and friendly    
8/20/2017Long waiting    
8/20/2017The staff was friendly, and very welcoming. I didnt have to answer the same questions over and over. So annoying especially when you are not feeling well.    
8/20/2017Very good place    
8/19/2017Always professional and efficient.    
8/19/2017Great staff!    
8/19/2017Should be more vocal about the urgent care copay...I saw the sign but both in waiting room were surprised when it came out $ was I    
8/19/2017Thank you. Best urgent care Ive been to.    
8/18/2017Kick * care, better than my doctors office    
8/17/2017Everything went well    
8/17/2017Great care    
8/16/2017Always impressed with the time the doctor takes with me.    
8/16/2017Had a great overall experience!    
8/16/2017Speedy and great health provider    
8/15/2017Everybody here is amazing and very professional and kind    
8/15/2017Great experience    
8/13/2017Very friendly and accommodating    
8/12/2017Great place!    
8/12/2017Not happy to be touching germ filled iPad    
8/12/2017Staff and dr were comforting and pleasant    
8/12/2017This is the nicest urgent care Ive ever been to, very impressed    
8/12/2017Very friendly people    
8/11/2017Even though it was a long wait, everybody was very friendly and helpful.    
8/11/2017great team here, my number 1 place    
8/11/2017* was disinterested and impersonal    
8/10/2017Front desk attendant very polite and courteous    
8/8/2017Dr and nurse were both kind and very attentive.    
8/7/2017Always friendly staff which is half the battle most places...    
8/7/2017Fantastic care    
8/7/2017* was awesome ?    
8/6/2017Everyone was great, thanks!    
8/6/2017It was so nice for this mom to sit quietly in such a welcoming environment, watch a show (that I select ;), sip my tea and have so many nice people take care of me. MedSpring makes not feeling well easier.    
8/5/2017Very friendly    
8/5/2017Very quick, efficient, and friendly service.    
8/5/2017You could reduce the wait time.    
8/4/2017Everyone here is awesome??    
8/4/2017Everyone was very friendly and professional. Great medical care given. HIGHLY recommend!    
8/4/2017Very friendly and efficient    
8/4/2017Very happy with the visit. Friendly stuff and no wait.    
8/2/2017First time here things went well    
8/2/2017Thank you    
8/2/2017Very friendly and helpful, will absolutely come here again if needed.