MedSpring Oak Lawn - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
7/19/2017Please require the staff to wash hands before handling patients.    
7/19/2017Second visit here and both times received exemplary care.    
7/19/2017Team saw a need for and cleaned my ears even though I was in for sinus issues. My hearing improved dramatically afterwards, needless to say I appreciate the above and beyond effort.    
7/18/2017Fast, provider and nurse were nice and helpful    
7/18/2017Love the expedient service, cleanliness and friendliness    
7/18/2017Nice clean facility with friendly staff    
7/18/2017Quick, easy. I love it!    
7/17/2017Always wonderful!    
7/17/2017Awesome experience!    
7/17/2017I was able to get in quickly. The staff was friendly and personable. Would recommend!    
7/17/2017* was the most compassionate and helpful health professional Ive met. She helped me get the care I needed and was there for me emotionally along the way. She and everyone else here took the stress out of my day thank you.    
7/17/2017Very welcoming and efficient!    
7/17/2017Way nicer and more convenient than most doctors    
7/16/2017I was on vacation this place was a life savor    
7/16/2017The fee is high as compared to other Urgent Care centers. As an example I was seen at one in McKinney and O only had to pay $65.00    
7/16/2017This is the best place ever!! My doctor actually cared and staff was so nice! My doctor even let me call him bro!!    
7/16/2017Very nice and accommodating    
7/16/2017You all were perfect    
7/16/2017* is very knowledgeable and helpful! I have been here for various issues and he has always helped me each time. 100 percent satisfied    
7/15/2017Fast service, friendly staff    
7/15/2017Outstanding staff friendly but professional    
7/15/2017Super nice and friendly, thanks!    
7/14/2017Everyone was nice    
7/14/2017Excellent people and services!!!!!!    
7/14/2017Great staff, friendly    
7/14/2017My 3rd time here and always great friendly people    
7/13/2017Staff is extremely nice. This was a very pleasant first time visit.    
7/13/2017* and * were great    
7/11/2017Always a quick good experience.    
7/11/2017Everyone in the office was very professional and courteous. I was seen very fast    
7/11/2017In and out quick. Very friendly staff.    
7/11/2017Love the provider she made things quick and easy.    
7/11/2017Yall are awesome. Great care and amazing bedside manner. Thank you.    
7/9/2017Everyone is very sweet and helpful!    
7/9/2017Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable!    
7/9/2017I appreciated the fast service    
7/9/2017Nice, professional people. No wait. Knowledgeable and friendly. Clean and comfortable facility.    
7/9/2017Very nice visit    
7/8/2017Always a nice experience, in spite of being ill.    
7/8/2017* is excellent    
7/8/2017* is amazing!    
7/8/2017The entire team so professional and helpful. A experience    
7/8/2017Very easy friendly staff    
7/6/2017Excellent shot giver lol    
7/5/2017Great and helpful as usual    
7/5/2017Very helpful, nice and quick!    
7/5/2017Clean. Professional. Trusted advice and direction. Would highly recommend MedSpring Urgent Care    
7/4/2017Keep up the good work    
7/4/2017Minimal wait time, excellent facilities. Definitely would recommend.    
7/4/2017No trash cans for those used tissues!    
7/4/2017 All was great    
7/4/2017Very convenient    
7/4/2017Very fast and friendly service thank you!    
7/2/2017Fast caring service    
7/2/2017Great service!    
7/2/2017Very impressed with the quality of care.    
7/1/2017All Great    
7/1/2017Great experience    
7/1/2017Quick and nice    
6/30/2017Amazing experience. Will always use MedSpring when needed    
6/30/2017Friendly and kind staff. They made an embarrassing visit quite comfortable.    
6/30/2017Great people and super quick service    
6/30/2017Great uu    
6/28/2017This place is incredible. I highly recommend coming to this location. They are so quick and really take care of you!    
6/27/2017Always courteous and fast    
6/26/2017Very friendly and courteous    
6/25/2017My first time here and would absolutely recommend. Very kind and competent people.    
6/25/2017My first time here and would absolutely recommend. Very kind and competent people    
6/25/2017Painless and quick    
6/24/2017Everyone was so kind    
6/24/2017Everyone was kind    
6/21/2017Great staff the process was quick and easy.    
6/21/2017Great visit! Very helpful and made me feel like I was well taken care of.    
6/21/2017Friendly staff thanks!    
6/20/2017Love this place.    
6/18/2017Excellent personnel!    
6/18/2017Great experience and service. Thank you!    
6/17/2017Been here twice now and I would definitely come back    
6/17/2017Great people    
6/16/2017Always fast and helpful    
6/16/2017Excellent service and staff!    
6/15/2017Great! Thank you so much!    
6/14/2017* and * were absolutely amazing and great customer service care!    
6/11/2017* and * were great! Very thorough and put up with all my commentary. Good job Ladies!    
6/11/2017Always easy and efficient!    
6/11/2017Fast service and clean facilities    
6/10/2017Extremely friendly and professional staff. Made me feel comfortable and at home. The Staff were great.    
6/8/2017I appreciate being able to come late after work. Thank you!    
6/8/2017* and * were fantastic!    
6/8/2017Everyone was amazing from check in and beyond!    
6/7/2017Great staff    
6/5/2017Love the staff!    
6/5/2017PA and the nurse were great! Thanks for getting me in!    
6/5/2017PA and the nurse were great! Thanks for getting me in!    
5/31/2017Excellent service!    
5/31/2017Great friendly staff and fast service!