MedSpring Presidio Vista - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/7/2017Excellent service and lovely staff    
8/6/2017Thanks for your help!!!    
8/5/2017Everyone was kind and informative    
8/5/2017Great as usual    
8/5/2017Great experience    
8/5/2017Great staff    
8/5/2017Staff was nice and efficient. PA explained things well. Would come here again if needed.    
8/4/2017Everyone here was so considerate and caring!    
8/3/2017Very clean and nice.    
8/3/2017Great staff, will recommend to family and friends    
8/3/2017It was great    
8/3/2017Keep up the great work.!    
8/2/2017* was very nice to me and fast    
8/1/2017I appreciate not having to wait for a long period before being seen    
7/31/2017Everything went great.    
7/31/2017Have no complaints great service    
7/31/2017I wouldnt recommend anything else. Everyone was extremely helpful.    
7/31/2017Love the staff. Estella at the front desk was quick and efficient. Ashley in back was amazing...Awesome shot giver. Didnt even feel it.    
7/31/2017Very clean, and very up to date.    
7/30/2017Very clean, nice staff will continue to recommend to friends and family    
7/29/2017Awesome doctor and rad tech! Would definitely return if needed.    
7/29/2017Love it here    
7/29/2017Please thank the staff for their help.    
7/29/2017Very quick and friendly thanks    
7/28/2017The PA did an excellent job of diagnosing and treating my father. The lady in front was prompt in greeting us and the nurse was very courteous and caring    
7/27/2017Every one was friendly and efficient.    
7/27/2017Excellent experience with all staff interacted with, both professionally and personal relations.     
7/27/2017Great customer service    
7/26/2017Super friendly !    
7/26/2017Wonder service! Looking forward to bringing family in    
7/25/2017Awesome customer service    
7/25/2017Best urgent care Ive been too    
7/25/2017Easy to book online. Efficient in the office    
7/24/2017Really clean bathrooms    
7/23/2017Awesome care!    
7/23/2017Everyone was very helpful from the minute I walked through the door!    
7/23/2017Great experience as always!!    
7/22/2017Everyone is very nice    
7/22/2017Great staff    
7/22/2017Nice and polite peoples service. Fast as .    
7/22/2017Very friendly, treating symptoms, would highly recommend. Jim Spears, PA was phenomenal. Very professional environment.    
7/21/2017I appreciate the fast service.    
7/21/2017Wonderful place and great staff    
7/20/2017Got me taken care of very quickly    
7/20/2017The concierge and doctor were very nice and accommodating.    
7/19/2017Fast and efficient    
7/19/2017The entire team was very responsive and easy to talk to as well as very quick.    
7/19/2017The people here are very friendly, nice environment and it definitely made the trip here a pleasant one. :)    
7/18/2017Always a great experience    
7/16/2017Great staff and prompt service    
7/13/2017* and * were amazing as always!!!    
7/13/2017Quick and efficient    
7/13/2017Thank you!    
7/13/2017Very nice Xray technician for our little guy who was nervous. Thank you!    
7/12/2017Service was fast and doctors were very attentive.    
7/11/2017Had a great experience. Everyone was really nice and friendly. Takes away the fear of doctors, so that helped.    
7/11/2017Staff is very nice and professional.    
7/10/2017It was a great experience overall. Im from NJ %26 was worried about seeing a doctor that I didnt know. The staff %26 Doctor were amazing.    
7/10/2017Yall are always a step above *. Kind of amazes me they can operate with a better urgent care down the road    
7/9/2017Thank you for a great visit    
7/9/2017Very kind people here!    
7/8/2017Awesome experience!    
7/8/2017Best urgent care office Ive ever to. Hands down.    
7/8/2017Great and friendly staff    
7/8/2017The staff members are very kind and have patience.    
7/7/2017Awesome nurses.    
7/7/2017Give a Jay a raise!    
7/6/2017I was seen quickly. Everything was done very thoroughly. Thank you.    
7/6/2017This was one of the best places I have been for a dot physical. Fast and courteous service. Fair price. Great staff.    
7/6/2017* and * were great with their customer service.    
7/5/2017It was great    
7/5/2017Thanks for making a gown for my son after he threw up all over his clothes thank you for the kindness!    
7/2/2017Fast and friendly service, thank you.    
7/2/2017Have always received exceptional service, only place I will come to,    
7/1/2017Great team here! Excellent service    
7/1/2017Loved the friendly staff and the facility is very clean . Definitely I will make the Is my urgent doctor    
7/1/2017Quick professional    
6/30/2017Clean office and extremely empathetic and kind staff.    
6/30/2017Good visit. Nice employees and very fast service    
6/30/2017Great experience    
6/30/2017Polite. Quick. Professional. Hopefully I wont have to come back but Ill definitely recommend MedSpring.    
6/29/2017* was amazing!!! Both times I went. * was very helpful.    
6/29/2017Great staff very helpful    
6/29/2017Very nice people and fast service A    
6/27/2017Always easy in, everyone is very helpful and courteous    
6/26/2017Staff is very nice and no wait time was great!    
6/26/2017Very nice people. Thank you    
6/25/2017Everyone was so nice and friendly.    
6/25/2017My tester was very nice and pleasant