MedSpring Richardson - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Everyone here was great. There was minimal wait and I am glad I came here. Outstanding!    
9/11/2017Great service    
9/11/2017My experience was amazing! Loved the staff.    
9/11/2017Very nice and professional! Would come back!    
9/11/2017Yall were great. Very fast and friendly!    
9/10/2017Used a translator service    
9/10/2017Amazing fast experience    
9/10/2017Fast and efficient. Very friendly as well.    
9/10/2017Great staff! Great bedside manner!    
9/10/2017Staff wavers prompt %26 polite !    
9/10/2017Thank you    
9/9/2017Great time!    
9/9/2017The doctor was polite and professional    
9/9/2017Took care of us quickly and professionally!    
9/9/2017We didnt have to wait.    
9/8/2017Very kind and helpful staff thanks!    
9/8/2017Very nice STAFF    
9/7/2017Great bedside manner from staff    
9/6/2017Everyone was so friendly and comforting!    
9/5/2017Very fast and friendly service    
9/4/2017Excellent. Great professional    
9/3/2017Everyone is awesome    
9/3/2017The staff and doctor were very cordial, helpful, and kind.    
9/3/2017The staff was very friendly    
9/3/2017This is the second time Ive been here everybody is really sweet and takes care of you.    
9/3/2017* was wonderful. She was quick and efficient.    
9/3/2017Very friendly staff and super quick.    
9/2/2017Nice decor. Very clean    
9/2/2017So clean and friendly    
9/2/2017The front office staff and nurse was great! The doctor was not the best.    
9/2/2017Everyone wry set date professional    
9/2/2017First time in. Friendly knowledgeable staff and clean facility. Thanks    
9/2/2017From the moment I walked in till the moment I had to leave I am 120 percent satisfied ?    
9/1/2017The kids table in each room is great!    
9/1/2017Very cooperative staff.    
8/30/2017Nice people    
8/30/2017No everything was great    
8/30/2017The woman who helped me was great!    
8/28/2017Great service and awesome staff very friendly    
8/28/2017Very nice and clean facility. Friendly staff and fast service.    
8/28/2017Very pleased with the efficiency    
8/27/2017Everyone was great    
8/27/2017Excellent service, keep it up!!!    
8/27/2017Very efficient and friendly with Cassandra.    
8/26/2017Staff was amazing and nailed getting my blood for my lab! Would definitely recommend this to everyone!!    
8/26/2017Theyre amazing!    
8/25/2017 Im impressed!    
8/25/2017Very friendly and efficient.    
8/25/2017Excellent services and clear explanations    
8/23/2017Friendly staff and a nice clean environment.    
8/23/2017Good service front and back.    
8/23/2017No wait and exceptionally clean. Very friendly and helpful.    
8/23/2017Clean and professional.    
8/22/2017It was really quick and great.    
8/22/2017Very quick and good if you cannot get in to your doctors office    
8/21/2017The nurse was very nice and professional!    
8/21/2017Very fast service! We will definitely use MedSpring again. Thank you.    
8/20/2017Everything is great.    
8/20/2017Great as always    
8/20/2017Super fast and clean    
8/19/2017Everybody was great!    
8/19/2017Great, fast service!    
8/19/2017I no longer dread going to an urgent care clinic because of MedSpring!    
8/17/2017Everyone was friendly and courteous.    
8/17/2017Excellent care and customer service. Fast! Like that they follow up a couple days later. Phillip and Belinda were very nice.    
8/17/2017Front desk was salty    
8/17/2017Great as always    
8/17/2017Great staff    
8/17/2017It was quick and easy. Thankyou    
8/16/2017Keep up the good work!    
8/16/2017Most pleasant staff!    
8/16/2017Professional services    
8/15/2017Very professional, staff was friendly    
8/15/2017Every thing was perfect    
8/14/2017Fantastic experience    
8/14/2017Nice friendly staff. Quick service    
8/14/2017The best drug screen place l have been to in my life. Very clean nice friendly fast!    
8/13/2017It was an exceptional visit    
8/13/2017Rooms are a little warm    
8/13/2017Would go here over my usual doctors office.    
8/13/2017All staff very nice    
8/12/2017Everyone was so polite and courteous.    
8/12/2017Great experience    
8/12/2017It was great!    
8/12/2017Staff was very professional and nice    
8/12/2017Appreciate the speed and listening of team.    
8/11/2017Always fast and nice drs!    
8/11/2017So fast!    
8/10/2017Friendly and helpful staff. Clean environment and a quick process    
8/10/2017I love coming to this place. Not only are they friendly they do theyre best to make sure to get you back healthy    
8/10/2017I love this place. Will recommend to everyone.    
8/10/2017Superior service delivery    
8/9/2017Thank you, very fast and friendly too, but I am a bit worried about your tablet    
8/9/2017The pa and nurse didnt seem to know what each other did and did not do. Worked out in the end but none the less looked bad as a customer.    
8/9/2017Very helpful and informative    
8/8/2017Great staff, location, and care. They were quick, understanding, and efficient.    
8/8/2017I dont and wont go anywhere else! Love the people here