MedSpring Richardson - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/8/2017I would recommend some type of privacy glass or window at the entrance. Intake rep ask about what you are coming in for in front of all waiting room guest    
8/7/2017So incredibly helpful and very kind This is a quality clinic    
8/7/2017This is right around the corner from my office. Everyone was very nice and efficient.    
8/6/2017Everyone was super nice.    
8/5/2017Best staff    
8/5/2017I feel better already    
8/5/2017Very good with children.    
8/4/2017Very friendly staff    
8/3/2017Everyone was so nice and professional!    
8/2/2017Made me feel very comfortable. Great nurse.    
8/2/2017Overall its very good!    
8/2/2017Staff was very friendly    
8/1/2017Better than other places I had visited for drug test.    
8/1/2017Super friendly staff    
8/1/2017The staff was very kind and I felt very well taken care of.    
8/1/2017Very professional, empathetic    
7/31/2017Wonderful staff!    
7/30/2017It was a wonderful experience with awesome, friendly, efficient staff.    
7/30/2017The service is excellent here. Everyone from start to finish was amazing. We will definitely return here if we ever need anything.    
7/30/2017Very professional    
7/29/2017Great staff    
7/27/2017So helpful to have this place in our neighborhood when my daughter is sick. It is great to save 30 minutes or less.    
7/27/2017Very timely even though its 5pm. Friendly staff. Thx 4 the snacks    
7/26/2017Everything was great. Thank you    
7/26/2017Excellent staff and customer service.    
7/26/2017Friendly staff.    
7/26/2017Good experience    
7/26/2017Great place. Always prompt and courteous.    
7/25/2017Very sweet staff!    
7/24/2017Exam room was too hot    
7/24/2017Great service!    
7/24/2017Quickest service Ive had at an urgent care facility! 10/10 would recommend!    
7/24/2017Very sweet staff as always    
7/23/201710 out of 10    
7/22/2017Quit and painless    
7/22/2017This is the only urgent care place I will go.    
7/21/2017Best urgent care weve been to    
7/21/2017Great staff.    
7/19/2017Best urgent care!    
7/19/2017Quick and no hassle! Friendly staff too!    
7/19/2017Very efficient    
7/19/2017Very pleasant experience    
7/19/2017Wonderful service.    
7/18/2017Helped quickly.    
7/17/2017Everyone was quick and took care of us. They also made us laugh    
7/16/2017Rosa and all of the front staff were awesome she really made me comfortable being a new patient    
7/16/2017The nurses were very nice    
7/16/2017All around great service and convenient location    
7/15/2017Great job. Everyone was very kind and caring.    
7/15/2017Staff is very courteous    
7/15/2017Thanks * has a great personality.    
7/12/2017Great service!    
7/11/2017* was amazing! Didnt feel a thing with my injection!    
7/9/2017All staff was super friendly and amazing!    
7/8/2017How the service was    
7/8/2017Very HOT in clinic, but other than that, it was a great visit. We will certainly use the clinic again if the need arises. Thank you!    
7/8/2017We love this facility and the staff are wonderful!    
7/7/2017Thank you!    
7/6/2017I have recommended MedSpring to family and friends because of the people who work here. They make you feel welcomed    
7/6/2017It was fast, the people are really friendly    
7/6/2017No hassle, Great service. Thanks guys.    
7/6/2017So efficient!    
7/6/2017This place is so quick and vey helpful    
7/5/2017Everything was perfect    
7/5/2017Great experience!    
7/4/2017Staff were so helpful. They saw my son and I and did a great job. Thank you.    
7/2/2017Very nice and professional staff.    
7/1/2017Awesome experience! Took care of me and gave me good information for the future.    
7/1/2017Best urgent care experience to date    
7/1/2017I loved the staff?????    
7/1/2017* was very sweet and took great care of me    
6/29/2017Put soap in donor bathroom    
6/29/2017Second time Ive been here and everyone is always very friendly and helpful.    
6/29/2017The lab tech was very friendly.    
6/29/2017Wait time could be improved    
6/27/2017The staff was amazing.    
6/27/2017Very clean and organized    
6/26/2017Love coming here!    
6/26/2017Love coming here    
6/26/2017The lady who helped me with my drug screen was so kind.    
6/26/2017Thmkyou for the fast care!    
6/26/2017The lady who helped me was so kind.    
6/25/2017Great service.    
6/25/2017I will definitely use the clinic again. Very professional personnel.    
6/25/2017Everyone in the facility has been great.    
6/25/2017Everyone in the facility has been great. When I called to check hours and locations the phone line person was short and not super helpful.    
6/25/2017Exceptional. Quick and easy. Highly recommend    
6/25/2017The experience was fantastic!!!    
6/25/2017Fast service, everyone very nice and pleasant    
6/25/2017Great service.    
6/25/2017I will definitely use the clinic again. Very professional personnel.    
6/25/2017The experience was fantastic!!!    
6/25/2017This is the only urgent care I go to    
6/25/2017This is the only urgent care I go to    
6/25/2017Exceptional. Quick and easy. Highly recommend