MedSpring Richardson - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
6/25/2017Fast service, everyone very nice and pleasant    
6/24/2017* was very efficient and friendly. Great location, snacks and television. Love it! Everything electronic.    
6/24/2017Thomas was very efficient and friendly. Great location. Snacks and tv. Love it! Everything electronic.    
6/23/2017Super fast, friendly and prompt staff. Definitely recommended!!    
6/23/2017Super fast, friendly and prompt staff. Definitely recommended!!    
6/22/2017Vaccine administrator was really professional and efficient    
6/19/2017Super fast visit    
6/18/2017I love the attention given by the Doctor.    
6/18/2017Always impressed with the speed of service!    
6/15/2017Great facility and great personnel    
6/14/2017I was very cared for and was listened to    
6/14/2017Second time here, great staff    
6/12/2017Great service    
6/11/2017Very comfortable and nice facility. Friendly and efficient staff.    
6/10/2017Felt very welcome and taken care of    
6/10/2017Your entire staff were very welcoming and very professional. I could not have had a better experience.    
6/9/2017Had a great experience. Everyone very friendly and professional    
6/9/2017Very friendly    
6/8/2017Great location, quick, easy and good for kids also.    
6/7/2017Quick and friendly.    
6/7/2017Excellent service!    
6/5/2017Prompt, efficient and answered all my questions and took time with me.    
6/4/2017Great, quick and cost effective trip with a sick kiddo on Sunday morning.    
6/4/2017Everyone was very nice and informative.    
6/4/2017Great facility and service.    
6/3/2017Great experience! Will come again. Thank you!    
6/2/2017Great service!    
6/1/2017Sweet people and great with kids!    
6/1/2017Very sweet staff    
6/1/2017Yall are great!    
6/1/2017Yall were amazing and made us feel welcome and took time to hear our needs.    
5/29/2017Homey experience. Staff was extremely friendly    
5/29/2017Service was prompt, efficient and friendly. Thanks for being open on Memorial Day.    
5/29/2017Very efficient!    
5/29/2017Great experience!    
5/29/2017Yall were fantastic    
5/29/2017Great people    
5/28/2017Really friendly    
5/27/2017Great service and very fast!    
5/27/2017The best!    
5/27/2017Great customer service!    
5/27/2017Wonderful, very fast and everyone was very professional and kind.    
5/26/2017Great experience!