MedSpring River North - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/10/2017Very helpful and friendly staff, fast treatment    
9/8/2017Availability and prompt service eased my anxiety and helped to move past my illness    
9/8/2017Everyone was so nice and quick. Great experience!    
9/8/2017Just need provider there on time.    
9/8/2017Quick and easy hope drugs work    
9/7/2017Staff is very friendly and I will definitely recommend this urgent care to all my friends and family    
9/6/2017Best experience I have ever had at a clinic    
9/6/2017Best urgent care Ive ever been to. I would highly recommend for friends and family!    
9/6/2017Great staff and minimal wait time    
9/6/2017Staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, and were able to get me in early and quickly    
9/4/2017Staff was excellent. Thank you    
9/3/2017Every member of the staff was very friendly and professional.    
9/3/2017Really wanted to commend kristie the pa for going the extra mile and following up with me    
9/3/2017So pleased with dr taking the time I really needed and so knowledgeable    
9/2/2017Thanks to the nurses    
9/2/2017Very clean and organized location. Time efficient also very friendly staff    
9/2/2017Everyone was helpful and nice! Thank you!    
9/1/2017Very quick, nice and clean!    
8/25/2017Great service, staff are fabulous they truly are wonderful    
8/25/2017Great thanks!    
8/25/2017Amazing. Will only return here    
8/25/2017It was great    
8/24/2017This was an amazing facility staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Service providers. We were fortunate to find it.    
8/24/2017Everyone was very nice    
8/24/2017Great service!    
8/24/2017Overall great service!    
8/24/2017Service was very fast and well organized. The doctor and nurses were very nice. Happy with my visit!    
8/20/2017Loved the TV!    
8/20/2017Staff was very nice and helpful    
8/20/2017Youre all very kind, efficient, compassionate. Couldnt ask for more, thank you!    
8/19/2017Very energetic polite and informative, great personality    
8/19/2017Very organized.    
8/18/2017Friendly staff and timely service.    
8/18/2017Great service    
8/18/2017Quick and efficient service. In and out in 20 mins! Friendly staff as well.    
8/15/2017Very friendly and competent staff.    
8/15/2017Great service, everyone was very professional!    
8/14/2017Love this place, would recommend it to anyone!    
8/14/2017Nice friendly staff all the way from reception to the dr.    
8/14/2017Quick and friendly professional service!    
8/14/2017Thank you for the great care from everyone!    
8/11/2017Easy and quick    
8/10/2017It was great and very quick.    
8/10/2017Very kind and knowledgeable staff.    
8/9/2017Great employees    
8/9/2017Great team. Thank you!    
8/9/2017Save client info so you dont have to re input it every time    
8/9/2017The doctor was very helpful    
8/9/2017The staff is so nice!!    
8/9/2017Very good!    
8/8/2017Was seen so fast and everyone was so nicethank you!    
8/8/2017Great experiences!!    
8/7/2017Fast and efficient service.    
8/7/2017Just keep with the good customer service that you have here they are so friendly    
8/7/2017So clean, quick, and efficient! Love this place.    
8/7/2017Super friendly    
8/6/2017Superbly kind and helpful staff!    
8/5/2017Everyone is very professional and kind . Wonderful facility! So glad they are in the neighborhood!    
8/5/2017This place is excellent!    
8/3/2017This visit was great very quick in and out! Super friendly staff    
8/2/2017Staff are all so kind and incredibly efficient. Appreciated when you dont feel well!    
8/1/2017Everyone was great    
7/29/2017A little pricey if not covered by insurance but worth it to me for convenience.    
7/29/2017I love this place    
7/27/2017Thanks for the service! Fast and efficient.    
7/27/2017Very good quick service, felt taken care of by all staff members.    
7/26/2017Appreciate the kid activities and snacks.    
7/26/2017Excellent service and doctor!    
7/25/2017Fast yet thorough    
7/23/2017* very nice professional I myself working in service industry know quality staff    
7/23/2017* very professional    
7/23/2017Nice staff    
7/20/2017Everyone here was very helpful and friendly    
7/20/2017Everyone was so friendly, thank you so much    
7/19/2017Great people great experience!    
7/18/2017All the staff were incredibly nice and professional!    
7/18/2017Overall good experience    
7/18/2017This urgent care was the best I ever been to.    
7/15/2017Everyone was very friendly    
7/15/2017Nice people    
7/14/2017Great customer service    
7/14/2017Great customer service and friendly staff    
7/14/2017No wait was a very key piece for me. Friendly to the point but still tactful interactions with all staff.    
7/14/2017Very knowledgeable staff. My visit was satisfying in every way. Thank you    
7/13/2017Receptionist and doctor are courteous and informative, but the nurse not so much; she rushed taking notes and did not listen carefully, had nonchalant attitude. Nice facility with amenities.    
7/12/2017Love the $10 off coupon for sports physicals    
7/12/2017PA had great bedside manner!    
7/12/2017Very convenient and quick place for sports physicals!    
7/12/2017Have a better attitude *. And maybe explain what is going on rather than just grabbing my finger to test my heart rate.