MedSpring River Oaks - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Really liked my visits to this facility, I was well taken care of.    
9/11/2017The staff is super friendly and attentive. Great experience for an urgent care.    
9/11/2017Very helpful and nice    
9/9/2017Great care, friendly staff!    
9/9/2017Great snacks    
9/9/2017I was very satisfied with my visit. * was awesome and answered all my questions.    
9/8/2017I explained my issue. It was taken seriously. It was affirmed and treated quickly and with respect.    
9/8/2017Made me feel very comfortable    
9/8/2017Very friendly and professional.    
9/7/2017My daughter loves getting her physicals here at MedSpring, this is her third year here. And always asks to come back    
9/5/2017Great and efficient visit, clean office and great staff!    
9/5/2017Great and timely service!    
9/5/2017Professional, quick and courteous    
9/4/2017It was a great experience. Stay was very kind    
9/4/2017The staff is really great and made me feel comfortable. They deserve raises!!    
9/4/2017They were extremely professional and kind.    
9/3/2017Everything was great!    
9/3/2017I am impressed with every aspect of this facility and its services. The staff is courteous, efficient and professional.    
9/3/2017Very good: spot on all of the time     
9/2/2017Nice and kind. Very professional and fast    
8/31/2017Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable    
8/31/2017I always have a great experience here!    
8/31/2017Im so glad this place is here    
8/31/2017Very good been here many times    
8/30/2017It was very good experience for me    
8/30/2017Just keep up the hard work    
8/30/2017Love the kids tables and activities    
8/30/2017The staff was awesome. Thank you    
8/30/2017Absolutely wonderful service! Thank you so much!    
8/30/2017All around good experience. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly    
8/30/2017Exceptional care from checkin to discharge    
8/29/2017Everything was great.    
8/29/2017Great employees, service, and facility!    
8/29/2017Service and care was amazing even during a natural disaster. Thank you so much for being open when other places were not.    
8/29/2017Wonderful staff, great service!    
8/26/2017Everyone was extremely helpful and welcoming.    
8/26/2017Very friendly staff. Thank you    
8/25/2017Great as always    
8/25/2017Im very happy with the care I received Thanks    
8/25/2017Overall pretty sweet    
8/25/2017Everyone was very pleasant and caring. Just moved to the area and this will be my care facility, for sure.    
8/24/2017The staff nurse and doctor are awesome    
8/24/2017Beautiful facility filled with brilliant and bright service    
8/24/2017Clean ,facility and happy people    
8/24/2017Dr was amazing. Took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I had a good understanding of my treatment plan of action. He made great recommendations of helpful recovery tips and ways to help speed up my recovery from my injury.    
8/23/2017Great experience.    
8/23/2017It has been quick and easy    
8/23/2017Staff is great!    
8/23/2017The people were nice, professional, attentive, and fast. The snack were a nice treat and I would recommend people to come here.?    
8/23/2017All the doctors are hot    
8/20/2017I really liked it here. Staff was very helpful and so nice.    
8/19/2017Was not happy I was denied getting tsh, fsh n cmp    
8/19/2017Snack bar for the wait?! #winning    
8/18/2017Staff is very friendly and quick!    
8/18/2017Very kind team    
8/17/2017Great experience! Very helpful, informative and attentive.    
8/17/2017Great job thank you so much    
8/17/2017Staff is great    
8/16/2017Friendly staff very knowledgeable fast service no long wait    
8/16/2017I always recommend!    
8/16/2017No thanks    
8/15/2017* is the best!    
8/15/2017Quick check in and to see the physician. Toys for kids too!    
8/15/2017Quick efficient treatment    
8/14/2017Blessing was wonderful. Great care and took the time to listen to my questions and concerns.    
8/14/2017Courteous and knowledgeable staff got me in and out in an efficient and timely manner.    
8/14/2017Friendly and efficient    
8/14/2017Hope yall can verify payments like copay easy online or by phone so we dont overpay. Thanks    
8/14/2017So quick and convenient Great team!!!    
8/14/2017This is my third visit and I find ALL the staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful. Thanks    
8/14/2017Very kind and helpful staff.    
8/14/2017Your staff is very warm and professional    
8/11/2017All positive    
8/11/2017Dr was so sweet and explained everything incredibly clearly!!    
8/10/2017Friendly and very helpful. I really appreciate the care I received!    
8/10/2017Great staff very attentive, they did not rush me through the process as I was just a number I will return for all urgent care needs and will share my experience with whom will listen.    
8/10/2017Was fine    
8/9/2017Staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable    
8/7/2017Everyone was very helpful. My wait time was minimal. I appreciate the friendliness of the staff    
8/5/2017Everything was great    
8/5/2017Perfect service every time    
8/5/2017Quick and easy    
8/5/2017You guys rock!!!    
8/3/2017The staff here is very knowledgeable and extremely kind    
8/3/2017The staff was very kind and courteous.    
8/3/2017Outstanding care! Saved me an ER visit! Thank you!    
8/2/2017Friendly staff best service Ive ever had thank you    
8/1/2017I was very impressed with the entire experience    
7/31/2017Was having an overall bad day ,and the staff was all really kind, they even gave me a gift card to be nice. Very quick visit! :)    
7/31/2017Fast and professional    
7/31/2017In and out Last minute hisd sports physical and you guys saved us Thank you    
7/31/2017Thank you!    
7/30/2017Very impressed with doctors bedside manners and professionalism.    
7/29/2017All the nurses and doctors are very friendly and professional in their on ways. Will recommend this clinic to all my friends.