MedSpring River Oaks - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
7/29/2017Everyone was extremely kind and helpful. I often dread going to the doctor, but this was a great (and much needed) visit. Would come back and would recommend.    
7/29/2017I sure will come back to this location! Very satisfied!!! I had bad experience with another MedSpring.    
7/29/2017Staff very friendly and courteous    
7/29/2017Very professional    
7/29/2017Very professional staff    
7/27/2017My go to place for the occasional medical issue. Always have a great experience.    
7/27/2017Should have MDs present!    
7/27/2017Doctor was so nice!    
7/26/2017Always a fantastic experience!    
7/26/2017Very friendly and professional. Excellent at giving shots    
7/25/2017Love the convenience    
7/24/2017Great customer service    
7/22/2017Great service    
7/22/2017Im a new patient and intake was very swift. I was seen very quickly and the doctors were very accommodating and made sure all of my questions were answered. Everyone was kind and helpful. Thank you.    
7/21/2017Excellent and compassionate staff    
7/20/2017It was awesome    
7/20/2017Nurse practitioner was great!    
7/19/2017Everybody was friendly. The process went quickly.    
7/19/2017I always enjoy my visit here    
7/19/2017It has always been a good experience    
7/19/2017The staff were excellent. Took very good care of me.    
7/18/2017Very friendly and professional care    
7/18/2017Very great clinic experience!    
7/17/2017The provider I was great. I felt heard and understood. River Oaks location is great. Glad you are in the neighborhood.    
7/17/2017There were great snacks. Thank you!    
7/15/2017All good. Thank you.    
7/15/2017Dr * creating trust and I will come back to this urgent care.    
7/15/2017My kids werent bored. That helps    
7/15/2017Thanks for the friendliness %26I professionalism!    
7/15/2017The first center I called told me they couldnt estimate a wait time. I find that obnoxiousand think centers should offer an estimated wait time.    
7/15/2017Very professional, polite and respectful.    
7/14/2017Great experience    
7/14/2017It is fast and easy    
7/13/2017Price is high.    
7/13/2017Super friendly and took time to handle with care    
7/11/2017Friendly and knowledgeable staff that makes you feel comfortable    
7/11/2017Great employees. Quick and easy experience.    
7/11/2017I was very pleased with the service that I was provided with this morning thank you    
7/11/2017It would have been nice to lay down on a longer sofa while waiting.    
7/10/2017Great and fast service    
7/10/2017Great professional service...I would recommend it to anyone.    
7/10/2017Ive been here three times and everyone is always so nice! Very informed, knowledgeable.    
7/10/2017Thank you so much for your help and friendliness!    
7/10/2017Very pleasant    
7/9/2017I always have a good experience here.