MedSpring San Marcos - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Such friendly staff!    
9/11/2017Very Friendly    
9/9/2017Great experience    
9/8/2017Nurse practitioner was very knowledgeable and eased my mind    
9/8/2017The staff was kind, attentive, and kept me distracted from my injury with good conversation.    
9/7/2017Friendly staff is such a relief    
9/7/2017Great staff, very helpful    
9/7/2017* and * were amazing!! Quick and efficient    
9/7/2017Very fast    
9/7/2017Very nice employees    
9/7/2017Very quick and quality service    
9/7/2017Very quick service and helpful!    
9/6/2017It is always an in and out and I like that    
9/6/2017Very efficient and helpful    
9/6/2017Very friendly even when they are about to close. Thank you all    
9/5/2017Yall were great    
9/5/2017Best urgent care in the history of the world!    
9/5/2017Everyone awesome!!    
9/5/2017Everything was great.    
9/5/2017Staff was very friendly and helpful    
9/4/2017Doctor could have stayed in the room longer than 3 minutes.    
9/4/2017Very understanding and friendly staff    
9/3/2017Everyone was wonderful, great bedside manner and I felt like they took the time to talk/listen to me    
9/3/2017* was excellent!    
9/3/2017So quick and helpful!!    
9/2/2017Awesome service from the moment I entered the doors!    
9/1/2017Everyone was friendly and helpful. Wonderful staff    
9/1/2017Long wait    
9/1/2017Loved it    
9/1/2017Very nice staff    
8/31/2017Friendly, helpful staff.    
8/31/2017Great staff. Knowledgeable and friendly!    
8/31/2017I really like it here    
8/31/2017My nurse and doc were amazing    
8/30/2017It was nice    
8/30/2017Receptionist is opening up for litigation. Loudly asking what are we seeing you today for    
8/29/2017It was great    
8/29/2017Time spent with the pa was short and I didnt feel like my needs were addressed. She was in a huge hurry.    
8/28/2017Been here twice and will return if need be. Quick friendly service.    
8/28/2017Nurse was very kind, doctor got snippy when I asked for flu test    
8/25/2017If you know a patient will be out of work for longer than a day, give them a note for longer than one day.    
8/25/2017Very prompt on taking care of me.    
8/25/2017Very quick, helpful, and understanding    
8/25/2017Yes always great and friendly, awesome staff!    
8/24/2017They got me in and out quick    
8/24/2017Great place    
8/24/2017Have ice cream in the waiting room    
8/24/2017I really like how nice everyone is here    
8/24/2017Overall very good visit    
8/23/2017Very quick and friendly    
8/22/2017All good    
8/22/2017The experience was great    
8/21/2017Love this place!!!!    
8/21/2017Seemed a little rushed as far as the appt went but that may have been necessary    
8/20/2017Everyone is super nice :)    
8/20/2017I loved the friendliness of staff    
8/20/2017Super great staff!!!    
8/18/2017Nice, professional, and attentive every time. I appreciated the nurse practitioner explaining the workers comp recheck schedule to me. Thank you :)    
8/18/2017Universal healthcare for all!    
8/18/2017Very fast and friendly    
8/18/2017Wonderful highly recommend    
8/17/2017Easy ,Fast and Friendly service!    
8/16/2017Very good employees    
8/15/2017Staff is awesome! The iPad had some difficulties during check in.    
8/15/2017Every time we come here the staff is awesome That is why we keep coming back    
8/14/2017Awesome staff. Super friendly and prompt service.    
8/14/2017Excellent service    
8/13/2017Twas good.    
8/12/2017Nice people, will come again if needed.    
8/12/2017Thanks for the care    
8/12/2017Always can count on MedSpring    
8/12/2017Awesome staff, super friendly!    
8/11/2017Always very quick and kind.    
8/11/2017Definitely would come back everything satisfactory    
8/11/2017Everyone was so nice.    
8/11/2017I had an overall awesome experience    
8/11/2017Keep being awesome!!    
8/11/2017The physicals and nurses are wonderful. They listen.    
8/11/2017Wonderful staff and great service. Highly recommend.    
8/10/2017* did a great job!!! Very Nice and polite.    
8/10/2017Overall great staff. Very helpful and took great care of me both times Ive been here    
8/10/2017Super friendly!    
8/10/2017Would be nice to have access to more tests/equipment for better %26 more accurate diagnosis.    
8/9/2017Staff were great. Visit was super fast and went smoothly!!    
8/6/2017Great staff    
8/6/2017It was great. Ashley was great    
8/5/2017Glad I came.    
8/5/2017The staff and urgent care were excellent. I was seen in a timely manner.    
8/5/2017The staff is very friendly! Made me very comfortable during my visit    
8/5/2017Very professional    
8/3/2017The staff are professional, friendly, and approachable.    
8/3/2017This specific location is the best    
8/3/2017Clean, quite and everyone was so nice. Would recommend to friends.    
8/2/2017Policys on some situations do not make sense.    
8/1/2017I accidentally marked the wrong numbers. Everyone was amazing!    
8/1/2017I love coming here but always over priced