MedSpring San Marcos - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/1/2017They make coming to the doctor less stressful.    
7/31/2017Friendly staff!    
7/31/2017Great service    
7/30/2017Great, quick service. Thanks    
7/30/2017This location was great and fast. Very impressed    
7/30/2017Yall are perfect    
7/29/2017Staff were amazing! All were friendly and we were in %26 out in no time. Glad that yall are here but wish yall had a office in Bastrop, that would be great!!    
7/29/2017Even if you dont use it, carry penicillin    
7/28/2017Im not a fan of doctor visits but today was a great experience they were great and very understanding    
7/28/2017It was great, my mother would be glad yall took care of me.    
7/28/2017Yall are so sweet! its always a pleasure coming here    
7/27/2017Seen by a doctor fast! Great!    
7/27/2017Very comfy environment! Food Channel was on and I got very hungry. Fast and friendly!    
7/27/2017Very satisfied    
7/27/2017Wonderful, friendly staff!    
7/27/2017Awesome Staff more smiles than I have seen in a week.    
7/27/2017Everyone is great here!!! So nice, that I almost forgot about how sick I felt!    
7/26/2017Great service!    
7/26/2017So fast I didnt have time to read my book lol    
7/26/2017They took great care of me    
7/26/2017This was my second time back and the staff was much friendlier this time around.    
7/25/2017Awesome staff    
7/25/2017Everyone was great. Everything was excellent    
7/25/2017Great place.    
7/25/2017Wish I wouldve known about this place sooner. Thanks so much for everything.