MedSpring South Congress - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Fast and efficient and friendly    
9/11/2017Great experience, thank you.    
9/11/2017Great experience under these circumstances everyone was so nice and friendly great service !    
9/11/2017Great experience. From check in to check up and check out, you guys are fantastic. Thanks for treating me like a human being.    
9/11/2017Really cold. Almost freezing    
9/11/2017Room too cold!?    
9/11/2017Very friendly and speedy, overall good experience.    
9/10/2017Awesome facility. Everyone was friendly and extremely helpful.    
9/10/2017Great staff. Friendly and prompt    
9/10/2017Great staffing team that gave great advice.    
9/9/2017All of the staff was very helpful and friendly. Brian helped take care of me and very calmly took the time to explain everything    
9/9/2017Cookies would be nice    
9/9/2017Excellent staff very friendly and clean environment. Service was provided fast.    
9/9/2017Fast and friendly service.    
9/9/2017He put my wrist splint on backwards, pretty painful    
9/9/2017It was great!    
9/9/2017Lower pay    
9/9/2017More blankets! But really excellent facility    
9/9/2017The red tech and doctor were fabulous. Great bedside manner.    
9/9/2017Very nice and friendly!    
9/9/2017Walked in last minute and everyone was so nice. Nice place too.    
9/8/2017Everyone was so helpful and friendly will reckon this center    
9/8/2017Everything was great    
9/8/2017Great, knowledgeable, and quick.    
9/8/2017I experienced the very best care here. Thank you for your excellence and kind care in treating me.    
9/8/2017I like coming here instead of the ER room    
9/8/2017* was great and answered questions readily. He is knowledgeable and positioned several options for care.    
9/8/2017You all addressed my pain and answered all my questions perfectly couldnt do any better thank you very much    
9/7/2017Nice employees    
9/7/2017Thanks for your patience while I tried to get a urine sample.    
9/6/2017Great staff very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend MedSpring to others who are unable to see their regular doctor. Glad I came in.    
9/6/2017Some non sugary drinks in the waiting room would be nice.    
9/6/2017Thanks for the lemon zinger tea! It helped a lot.    
9/5/2017Very professional and polite. Wish the RN examined my injury.    
9/5/2017Everyone was nice and friendly!    
9/5/2017I like how doctors do their work    
9/5/2017Prompt, expedient and friendly service.    
9/5/2017Quick, efficient and friendly    
9/5/2017Thank you so much. The staff here at this clinic was excellent. Staff all were welcoming and pleasant. Im a Harvey evacuee and love the kindness this staff has given. Thank you again for your service    
9/4/2017Issa must    
9/4/2017It was excellent wait wasnt long at all    
9/4/2017Your doctor and staff are incredible. Id wait 2 hours any day for such high quality service. Thank yall    
9/3/2017It was great     
9/3/2017The staff here is great ! Very professional!    
9/3/2017Very helpful staff    
9/2/2017Great attention. They really listened to the concerns.    
9/2/2017Great caring people,!    
9/2/2017I am visiting Austin and was treated like a member of their family    
9/2/2017I was excellent.    
9/2/2017Thank you!    
9/2/2017Very professional. Made my 2year old feel comfortable.    
9/2/2017Clean quick no nonsense competent and kind. Cannot ask for more. Thank you    
9/2/2017Doctor and nurses had great bedside manor and answered all of my questions. I do not have a pcp, mostly because I just come here as I am sick so few and far between. Very thankful to have this place by my house.    
9/2/2017Friendly and caring.    
9/1/2017For some reason this location was really busy today. Not sure if understaffed or just high patient load today. Visit lasted 3 hours! Normally in and out within 1 hour. But staff was professional as always :)    
9/1/2017Great job! Worked quickly and explained everything very clearly!    
9/1/2017Love the couches. Definitely made the wait more comfortable    
9/1/2017Nice and friendly    
9/1/2017* is awesome ?    
8/31/2017All staff were very helpful and caring    
8/31/2017Excellent care    
8/31/2017Great staff and good work!    
8/31/2017* was awesome. Very efficient!    
8/31/2017Staff was friendly %26 thorough!    
8/31/2017Very happy. Will recommend.    
8/30/2017Lovely staff    
8/30/2017The physician assistant was very knowledgeable and understanding.    
8/30/2017All around amazing staff!!!    
8/30/2017Great experience!    
8/29/2017All employees showed extremely excellent bedside manor, from the moment I walked in I felt better and better , never dealt with more caring people.    
8/29/2017Its cold in here    
8/29/2017Love the snacks    
8/29/2017Nice attention was given, well done!    
8/29/2017Staff is very nice    
8/29/2017Staff was fantastic, first time at an urgent care and they were nothing but attentive and great.    
8/29/2017Thank you!    
8/29/2017Thnk u    
8/29/2017Very easy and fast process    
8/28/2017Everyone is very nice.    
8/28/2017I was charged 169.00 and was here 20.00 minutes. Seems steep to me    
8/28/2017Very nice    
8/27/2017Everyone was helpful and friendly.    
8/27/2017Great care as always    
8/27/2017My confidence in this doctor is almost nil.    
8/26/2017Easy experience and process    
8/26/2017First time in years getting drug screen. Great experience    
8/26/2017I had a great experience    
8/25/2017Yall cool    
8/25/2017Your staff is a great comfort to me. Thanks for being here!    
8/25/2017Dr * really made me feel like she cared!    
8/24/2017Teensy slow, but very nice.