MedSpring South Congress - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/24/2017The facility and staff are very welcoming and sweet. * made me feel very comfortable here    
8/24/2017They are very friendly and helpful    
8/24/2017You guys are nice    
8/24/2017Aye, yall are chill, but real cold.    
8/24/2017Schedule appointment and still had a hour wait    
8/23/2017Super nice people    
8/23/2017You need translator    
8/23/2017A very pleasant experience. All the staff were very helpful and nice. Thank you for your help and will definitely be coming back if needed.    
8/23/2017Everyone was very nice. This was so fast    
8/22/2017All the staff were friendly and professional. Thanks!    
8/22/2017Excellent as always    
8/22/2017Great service, caring and fast    
8/22/2017Love the friendly service and staff    
8/22/2017Prompt visit friendly staff!    
8/22/2017The receptionist was a bit rude. She said this is a walk in only clinic that doesnt take appointments. I found out later this was not true. Everything else was great    
8/22/2017Very friendly and speedy    
8/22/2017Very helpful    
8/21/2017Good fast nice I like it a lot    
8/21/2017Great job    
8/21/2017Great place with wonderful people!    
8/21/2017Nice and great employees!    
8/20/2017Good experience, doctor and nurse were polite and knowledgeable    
8/20/2017I love all the refreshments    
8/20/2017I really appreciated how kind everyone was throughput the entire process.    
8/20/2017Tech did not ask for medical history and med list, then did not enter into chart when I insisted she take my printed list.    
8/19/2017Very nice people working here. Thank you    
8/19/2017Comfortable, clean environment nice staff    
8/19/2017Had to come in last minute !! They where closing the customer service was wonderful the staff is friendly and took care of us! Highly recommend    
8/19/2017It was cool.    
8/19/2017* is great. ??    
8/19/2017Lobby is hot! Crank down that AC ;)    
8/19/2017Super nice staff    
8/19/2017The dr was very knowledgeable    
8/19/2017The staff is very nice and helpful. Great experience!    
8/19/2017This has been one of the few urgent cares that I would come back to if needed. Everyone was very friendly and polite. Thanks!    
8/19/2017This was my first visit and it definitely left an impression. Ill be coming back if I ever need urgent care again.    
8/18/2017Always happy to help    
8/18/2017Great service.    
8/18/2017Great staff!    
8/18/2017Great timing    
8/18/2017No it was awesome great service    
8/18/2017Quick and easy, everyone was very kind and helpful    
8/18/2017Really professional staff and very friendly    
8/18/2017* was awesome and the Np was very helpful    
8/18/2017Wish you could have treated me    
8/17/2017Dr * was amazing    
8/17/2017Every visit has been awesome. Thank you for the great care.    
8/17/2017People friendly.    
8/17/2017Thanks doctor and staff    
8/16/2017Everyone was very nice and professional    
8/16/2017Excellent customer experience    
8/16/2017It was good    
8/16/2017Nice people that work here    
8/16/2017The staff was super friendly and helpful. By far the best experience Ive had at an Urgent Care ever.    
8/15/2017Just need to be a little more friendlier    
8/15/2017Need boxes that lock    
8/15/2017Great staff    
8/14/2017* had great bedside manner.    
8/14/2017Everyone was very nice and helpful.    
8/14/2017Excellent service    
8/14/2017Great customer service, was in %26 out quickly.    
8/14/2017Host was very rude but medical staff are very helpful and professional    
8/14/2017I had a great experience here, Im glad I came in today. Keep up the great work!?    
8/14/2017It was great and seamless * was great!    
8/14/2017MedSpring clinics are the absolute best clinics .    
8/14/2017Super friendly and very well informed will be in case of an emergency    
8/14/2017* was very efficient !!!    
8/13/2017* was cute.    
8/13/2017Very nice Nurse who took vitals. Dr very nice too    
8/13/2017Always courteous staff and we leave here happy with the service. They explain things very well    
8/13/2017Everyone was so sweet made it easier for scared mom and dad    
8/13/2017Great service ,awesome staff! Very satisfied with the customer service