MedSpring Sugar Land - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Everything was great    
9/11/2017Nice staff    
9/11/2017Quick and efficient    
9/11/2017The price though...    
9/11/2017Wonderful and fast!    
9/10/2017Very nice and attentive staff!    
9/10/2017Although rodents are hard to combat, there was a roach crawling on the black sofa in room 3.    
9/10/2017Check in was long. Otherwise great    
9/9/2017All staff were friendly, professional and responsive.    
9/9/2017Awesome staff, very efficient and quick to care for you.    
9/9/2017Excellent customer service    
9/9/2017Fast and friendly    
9/8/2017Everyone here were very sweet and caring.    
9/8/2017Thank you,    
9/8/2017Very receptive and very nice    
9/6/2017Quick and excellent service    
9/5/2017Very nice. Quick. Professional and caring. Glad this clinic is near the office.    
9/5/2017Excellent staff all around    
9/5/2017Great staff all around! Very efficient!    
9/5/2017Second time here and all are friendly and professional.    
9/5/2017Truth is I love this place.    
9/4/2017Great doctor!    
9/4/2017The staff was very professional and answered all of my questions. Thanks, greatly appreciated.    
9/2/2017It was a good experience. I appreciate their promptness and pleasant demeanor.    
9/2/2017Staff great front to back.    
8/31/2017Awesome service    
8/31/2017Came in for a tetanus shot before going out to help with cleanup from hurricane Harvey. Thank you for helping us get this organized and getting us in and out quickly.    
8/31/2017Everyone was great    
8/31/2017Great place as always! Fast and friendly service all the time!!    
8/31/2017Great service and kind nurses.    
8/31/2017Quick and great service. Friendly people with answers to questions I had.    
8/31/2017Very efficient. Thank you!    
8/31/2017Very nice    
8/31/2017Very professional    
8/31/2017Very quick and professional    
8/31/2017Wonderful and sincere people working here    
8/31/2017Wonderful experience with everyone who assisted in the facility    
8/30/2017I was overjoyed to find an urgent care facility open during a very trying time in the Houston area. I applaud your efforts    
8/30/2017Maybe add question is pregnant or not.    
8/30/2017* is a great compassionate person. Would recommend friends and family. I    
8/30/2017Very professional and knowledgeable    
8/30/2017All staff are very nice and friendly. They made it a good experience.    
8/26/2017Front desk person should be more courteous    
8/24/2017Staff very friendly    
8/23/2017Great quality and quick despite a long line    
8/23/2017Great service    
8/23/2017You people are awesome    
8/23/2017All good    
8/23/2017Doctor Simons was great as well as the entire staff    
8/22/2017It was excellent!    
8/22/2017The staff was very patient with my 4yr old    
8/22/2017Very satisfied with my experience today.    
8/21/2017Great experience    
8/21/2017Staff was very nice!    
8/21/2017Thanks for the quick turnaround.    
8/21/2017The staff was friendly and caring. Very pleasant visit.    
8/20/2017Everyone was very courteous    
8/20/2017Great staff super service    
8/20/2017Professional, friendly, efficient! Great service. Thank you!!    
8/20/2017Quick and easy service    
8/19/2017Everything was great, fast and friendly.    
8/18/2017Great service    
8/18/2017It was just excellent...    
8/18/2017There was nothing to complain about    
8/17/2017Excellent service!    
8/17/2017It was a fast and friendly customer service experience . The directions were easy to follow    
8/17/2017Very efficient    
8/17/2017Was amazing. Very quick and efficient!!    
8/15/2017Very helpful    
8/14/2017Dr was very nice    
8/14/2017The FNP was super nice!    
8/13/2017Wonderful staff    
8/13/2017Everyone we saw was very friendly and upbeat    
8/13/2017Great bedside manner and very friendly.    
8/12/2017Great staff    
8/12/2017Best hospitality ever!    
8/12/2017* helped me so much, because of her the entire visit went very well. Thank you so much *.    
8/11/2017Best experience out of all the times Ive been was this visit. Everyone was courteous, professional, and had a smile on their face. Just what I need when Im not at my best    
8/11/2017Good experience    
8/10/2017All of our questions were answered, staff very knowledgeable, friendly, and kind.    
8/10/2017Extremely friendly staff and provider. Felt very comfortable and they addressed all of my health concerns. I would definitely recommend this location to my friends and family.    
8/10/2017It was really nice. Everyone was nice and the service was very quick    
8/10/2017Its always a pleasure.    
8/10/2017* and Cindy were awesome. They made everything smooth and easy.    
8/9/2017Awesome and friendly staff 10/10    
8/8/2017Very good job    
8/7/2017One of the best urgent care experiences Ive ever had.    
8/6/2017Third time here I wish I was able to use my insurance I didnt have my insurance card but I would have liked to put it on a bill so to give me time to get my insurance stuff worked out but its OK    
8/5/2017Great overall