MedSpring Sugar Land - Patient Reviews

(4.8 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/5/2017Kind and caring doctor and staff    
8/5/2017Perfect service    
8/5/2017The nurse practitioner had great bedside manners. If there is another emergency, we will be sure to return.    
8/5/2017Very friendly    
8/4/2017Thank you guys so much!    
8/3/2017Very long wait time    
8/2/2017Great Customer Service!    
8/2/2017Please give priority to patients with an appointment    
8/1/2017Dr. Was not any help at all came out as if I did not see a doctor. Waste of my time and money    
8/1/2017I had a good experience, from the wait time to the quality of service.    
8/1/2017Wonderful experience    
7/31/2017Very nice and respectful people and very professional    
7/31/2017Everything came out great    
7/31/2017Great staff. Courteous. Professional    
7/30/2017My hair is beautiful the way it is :)    
7/30/2017Very kind staff    
7/29/2017Everything was good    
7/29/2017The staff here is amazing, thank you    
7/28/2017The staff is amazing and very friendly and professional    
7/27/2017It was easy and fun.    
7/26/2017Everyone was great    
7/26/2017The staff and doctors are so amazing!    
7/26/2017Very fast    
7/26/2017Very friendly staff.. efficient service    
7/26/2017We are pleased with the quick, efficient, professional service we received. Thank you,    
7/24/2017Amazing staff    
7/24/2017Great service and nice place.    
7/24/2017I am always seen very quickly and all staff are very friendly.    
7/24/2017Need a check all button for symptoms. It was tedious to take with a broken finger    
7/24/2017Wonderful service    
7/23/2017Great staff    
7/23/2017Very clean facility and very helpful staff.    
7/23/2017Very nice and attentive staff!    
7/22/2017A more private way to collect information about health when there are multiple people in the waiting area...    
7/22/2017Nice and friendly staff    
7/22/2017Very fast urgent care    
7/21/2017Great experience    
7/21/2017It was a pleasant experience!    
7/21/2017Staff was awesome.    
7/20/2017The doctor is absolutely wonderful taking her time to go through the physical checkup and thoroughly explained what to watch for diet and dehydration and the medication such as inhaler to bring with my son before sports.    
7/20/2017They were fast, nice and the area was very clean!    
7/20/2017Very happy with your wonderful staff and their services?    
7/19/2017Provider may have sanitized hands before she saw me but did not see her do it in room before exam me. Did clean hands after finish my exam. Otherwise very clean    
7/19/2017Very pleasant. Thanks    
7/19/2017Very quick ,friendly, knowledgeable!    
7/18/2017Fast and great staff    
7/18/2017Took care of my injury Quickly!    
7/18/2017Very nice staff    
7/16/2017Great Job