MedSpring Uptown Dallas - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/10/2017Nurse and provider were great    
8/10/2017Very courteous and thorough!    
8/9/2017Good service    
8/9/2017Very fast    
8/9/2017Very friendly quick service    
8/8/2017Experience was timely and professional thank you!    
8/8/2017Thank you!!    
8/5/2017Thank you much didnt even feel the shot! * is so good!    
8/5/2017Very pleasant and professional    
8/4/2017Fantastic experience Extremely friendly staff!    
8/4/2017Great staff. Friendly and knowledgeable.    
8/3/2017Clean facility and friendly staff    
8/3/2017Love the snacks    
8/2/2017Great staff, very helpful!    
8/2/2017I have been here several times and the high quality of service and speed is consistent every time!    
8/1/2017Great service!    
8/1/2017Very friendly and knowledgeable. I will come back. Thank you.    
7/31/2017Awesome clinic!!!    
7/31/2017Good experience overall. Quick and quality care!    
7/31/2017Great first visit, aside from the sprained ankle lol    
7/31/2017Nice people    
7/31/2017The office is super clean and family friendly    
7/31/2017The staff was very courteous and accommodating    
7/30/2017Great experience. They got me in so quickly and made me feels ouch better!    
7/30/2017I liked how nice and informed everyone was    
7/30/2017The whole staff was great! Provider answered all my questions    
7/30/2017Very kind staff and helped the process along well    
7/29/2017Great group of professional your young women    
7/29/2017Great people and very attentive    
7/29/2017Great professional    
7/29/2017Very pleased with the care.    
7/29/2017Wonderful %26 super quick!    
7/27/2017Very professional. Very efficient. Will definitely recommend this clinic to everyone. I love the staff here.    
7/27/2017Find a faster way to get me the antibiotics    
7/27/2017Great experience    
7/25/2017Awesome experience    
7/25/2017Excellent patient care    
7/24/2017Awesome staff of ladies    
7/24/2017Great care excellent teamwork    
7/24/2017Very kind and compassionate staff    
7/23/2017Best urgent care visit ever. Friendly staff    
7/23/2017Everyone was so helpful, thoughtful and kind. Facilities were great and clean!    
7/23/2017Great job    
7/23/2017Great staff and location.    
7/22/2017On business trip and my hip and back started got me in quick. Love the care awesome place!!    
7/22/2017Thank you!    
7/21/2017Super nice and accommodating staff!    
7/21/2017Very clean and comfortable setting, the doctor and staff were awesome!!!    
7/20/2017I didnt even feel the shot the nurse gave me    
7/20/2017It was wonderful    
7/20/2017One of the best Ive been to. I appreciate the great service.    
7/20/2017PA was not helpful and somewhat sarcastic. Other staff great    
7/20/2017Very fast service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff all around the clinic! Thanks for everything!    
7/19/2017Great experience    
7/19/2017Great service, very expensive.    
7/19/2017Very professional    
7/18/2017Always friendly and welcoming.    
7/18/2017Thank very much    
7/17/2017Great experience! Staff was very friendly and helpful    
7/17/2017Great, knowledgeable and friendly staff    
7/17/2017Great. Quick %26 reliable. Took really good care of me.    
7/17/2017Quick, friendly staff. Everyone was very good and knowledgeable.    
7/16/2017You guys rock    
7/14/2017Everyone was very nice    
7/14/2017Great experience    
7/14/2017Very nice and helpful    
7/13/2017Excellent, prompt service    
7/13/2017Fastest drug screening process ever?    
7/12/2017Great service, very timely, extremely friendly